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Cynthia Park
10 Oct 1969
5' 4"
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Sydney's given name is Cynthia Park. The youngest of her family, Cynthia's parents and siblings treated her like a little princess while she was growing up, a position that she found to be a double edged sword of special privileges mixed with a certain patronizing attitude. Born in a small village with a small house, Sydney always dreamed of something bigger.

She wanted to be like her big sister, Ashlyn, who she looked up to immensely due to their great age disparity of seven years and the life she imagined she must be living due to her magical abilities. She was only a child when the First Wizarding War was in full swing and when Ashlyn was fighting in it. She couldn't think of anything more exciting. That was the life she wanted.

It wouldn't come to pass when her adolescent years came closer with no signs of magic. Sydney sank into a major funk. So, she wasn't a wizard...

...but the Commodore PET had just come out?

Leveraging her princess status, Cynthia soon managed to get her hands on her own personal computer and has been inseparable from it ever since. Her interests turned to technical pursuits and over the years she became an accomplished electrical engineer and computer junkie. As soon as she was old enough, she moved out of her podunk town and across the ocean, determined to strike out her own career in IT. She didn't bother with school. She had already taught herself most of what she needed to know through her endless nights of leet haxoring. Most of her years, she has spent working freelance and dabbling in various technical interests. She had a couple stints working for companies as a sys admin and a cyber security consultant and was a motherfucking sorcerer at her job, so to speak.

It was when she was in her early twenties that she did, finally, show some magical abilities. Her abilities are relatively minor, and she has no formal training. Most of her abilities are in the area of potionmaking. Since she was young, she has been borrowing Ashlyn's books to find out everything she could about magic, and potions had been the subject she was drawn to the most. It was mostly chemistry with a little extra panache, right? She could do chemistry.

When she found out about what happened to Ashlyn during the Second War, she created Sydney Roach--an orphan adopted when she was only an infant to a rural midwestern family. The muggle side was easy for her to fake, and as for the magical side, she merely spent a year or so masquerading as recently coming into her powers. After a quick crash course in adult magical education, she seemingly wandered through several employment options before she found a job across the pond as a junior Unspeakable, or Unmentionable, in the Department of Mysteries. Her specialty lies in interfacing magical with muggle technologies, particularly in regards to computers and other electronics.


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