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Ministry of Magic
Claudia Ohanian
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Spirit Wrangler
01 Jul 1977
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Claudia remembers just enough about her father to miss him, but not enough to have any substantial memories of their time together. His murder was the first, but not the last, of the horrific incidences that befell her and her siblings during childhood.

The middle child of five, battling for the increasingly unreachable attentions of their mother, Claudia grew up insecure and often overlooked. When it came time to attend senior schooling, she insisted upon being sent to Beauxbatons, where she knew she would have a far easier time of things not being compared to her prodigy of an elder sister, or Alexei, who was irritatingly likeable.

For the first few years, it was bliss. Claudia was able to reinvent herself in a place where no one knew anything about her. Despite their status as purebloods, the Ohanian family showed up nowhere in any records of ancestry. Though that cast doubt on their legitimacy, Claudia didn’t much care one way or the other, and she flourished – that was, until her third year.

Uncommonly skilled in Charms, she was delighted when the professor took a special interest in her and began to invite her for private lessons where she learned more and more advanced spells. For a girl starved of anything close to parental (and especially fatherly) attention, the increasingly intense nature of their relationship was something she both prized and guarded. Though she suspected that his intentions had become less than appropriate, Claudia mentioned it to no one.

Unbeknownst to her, however, one of the young school ghosts – a girl named Amelie Dupont who’d died under mysterious and brutal circumstances almost a decade before – had become aware of what was taking place. Amelie approached Claudia, befriending her and gaining her trust. That is as much as Claudia told in the court case that occurred afterwards, though whether Amelie ever revealed the truth behind her demise and whether the girls collaborated on the plot to serve the professor the revenge he deserved, only Claudia knows.

Nevertheless, some facts remain. Amelie did possess Claudia, either by force or with her permission. She attended several meetings with the professor in that body, gradually entrapping him with his own desires. And eventually, when he was unable to control himself any longer, Amelie used Claudia as a vessel to wreak bloody vengeance on the man who had once done to her what he intended for Claudia, and buried her body on school grounds.

Claudia appeared to be deeply affected by her experience. After giving evidence in the French courts, she refused to return to Beauxbatons and was instead sent to Hogwarts where she was sorted into Slytherin. It was actually more of a blessing than a curse after that; the Slytherins always were very good about looking after their own, and she did eventually find her place.

But she never forgot Amelie nor how it had felt to experience the fury of someone else beneath her own skin. Claudia gained high marks in her NEWTs and applied to the Ministry where she trained as a Spirit Wrangler, specialising in ghosts who died under especially traumatising and disturbing circumstances.

During the Second War, she stayed at the Ministry, using ghosts to gather information for the resistance, and making the occasional Death Eater vanish. After all, no one ever suspects their own kind.


As an introvert, Claudia finds the rigours of office life tiring and can come off as hostile, arrogant, or even bitchy on first meeting, and she absolutely hates it when she's interrupted during her working day.

Outside of work, however, she is much more relaxed, seeming to become almost a different person when engaged in some kind of sport that she loves. Claudia lives for weekends, jetting off for surfing, skiing, or mountain climbing; spending her vacation days hiking, sailing, or throwing herself out of aeroplanes.

For various reasons, Claudia prefers the company of women, and is often uncomfortable around men she doesn't know well, especially those in power. She has an uneasy relationship with her bosses.

Despite the Spirit Wranglers' reputation for being emo goths, Claudia is actually a very outdoorsy person, which shows in the way she presents herself. Her skin is always tanned and freckled from time in the sun, and her hair is usually messy, allowed to roam free until it annoys her enough to pull it back into a short tail. With the exception of special events, she wears minimal makeup - mostly just sunscreen and last night's eyeliner - and a few pieces of sentimental jewellery.

For the most part, she can usually be spotted in jeans and loose t-shirts paired with scuffed old combat boots and an ancient leather jacket. She doesn't show much skin or make an effort to dress up, spending most of her out of office time in sports or hiking gear.

Behind her right ear, she has the alchemical symbol for death as a tattoo no larger than a pinky nail. She also has a number of scars she doesn't invite questions about.


Claudia's bedroom in the little apartment in Diagon Alley that she shares with Faye Sun is a messy, bohemian, beach-themed design. The walls play host to a mix of artwork, pictures of her friends and family, and a set of mounted surfboards. Most of her furniture is made of reclaimed wood, and everywhere there are signs of her hobbies: a silk parachute, muddy walking boots, bungee cords, running shoes, a partially unrolled sleeping bag, a wetsuit, backpacks, and an expensive mountain bike. The bed is never made, and the closet is practically empty, all her clothes spread across the wooden floorboards and the rattan chair in the corner.


The only word to describe Claudia's cubicle is clusterfuck. Her filing system involves stacking things all over her desk, the top of which has long since disappeared under an avalanche of paperwork. Her drawers are so overflowing with stuff that they hang open in silent, eternal screams, and overgrown mutant plants burst out of every crack in the cubicle walls like a post-apocalyptic cityscape. There are a multitude of post-it notes stuck to every possible surface, most of which would probably only make sense to someone having a stroke - they also tend to move around independently, which drives her bonkers.

Hung on one of the walls is a portrait of a grumpy-looking old wizard wearing an ugly fur hat. Though many people have tried removing it over the years, it seems to be stuck fast. Glumley Higglesbottom is a depressing presence when he's awake - which isn't often - but he does occasionally have a valuable insight into troubling ghost problems, and he's rather good at accounting.

In the only clear corner of the office is a tall, wingbacked armchair that occasionally tries to eat the people that sit on it. Claudia keeps it around to discourage loitering guests.



11", Yew, Phoenix tail feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1991-1995

Face Claim

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Additional Notes

Snorkel is Claudia's sweet tempered one-year-old collie who loves nothing more than swimming, making new friends, and chasing small wildlife.



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