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Ministry of Magic
Zara Lindley
Administrative Clerk
17 Sep 1980
Zara had a bit of a complicated history when she first arrived in the world. Her birth name was Chan-Juan Feng, but that was legally changed later on to the name she has now. She was born in Ireland to a Chinese father[the wizard] and a Chinese-Scottish mother [the muggle]. It was her father's work that had brought them to Ireland in the first place. However, shortly after she was born [about three months], her parents had been killed in a raid. It seems they were not quite the legitimate people they let everyone think they were, in hindsight, had they survived things might have turned out differently for Zara. When she was four months old, she was adopted by the Lindleys. Mr. Lindley was an clerk in the muggle Prime Minister's office and Mrs. Lindley was a homemaker. Both of which were muggles and knew very little about the wizarding world. One of Mr. Lindley's cousins attended Beauxbaton or some such thing. It was a big deal when he was a child. When they adopted Zara they changed her name to Zara Lindley, of course they named her Zara in an attempts to honor her heritage, not realizing that it was Arabic and not Chinese. But that was neither here nor there, the intent was there the execution was a little lacking. That was the only thing they ever lacked in.

Until the age of eleven, Zara went to one of the best private schools in England, and then she received her letter from Hogwarts. Mr. Lindley had gotten into contact with the wizarding cousin to get the scoop on the school and if it was a hoax. His cousin had expressed his jealousy over the girl getting into Hogwarts and gave him the 411 on the situation. Needless to say, the Lindley clan was proud and they had a big family get together that year. During her time in Hogwarts, Zara got sorted into Ravenclaw, when all hell broke loose, she refused to let her parents remove her from the school. These were her friends and her family. When the battle of Hogwarts raged, she was there fighting side by side everyone else. She had been a member of the DA since her fifth year. She did not come away unscathed, as she does have a few battle scars, one of which is a scar that runs from her temple to chin.

Now that she's graduated, Zara is working for the ministry as one of the Minister's clerks. Her hopes are to one day get promoted to Junior Assistant and then work her way up to Undersecretary, however, she does not want to become Minister of Magic. She likes being more behind the scenes as opposed to in front of the cameras. Being good at blending in to her surroundings had been what saved her from sure death during the Battle of Hogwarts. Well that and some really good DA training.


Holly,9 3/4 inches, Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1991-1998

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Carmen Soo

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