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Ronald Weasley [Gellybean]
Magical Law Enforcement
20 Mar 1980
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The youngest boy in an almost too large pureblood family, Ronald Weasley was relieved when it was his turn to attend Hogwarts, if only to strike out on his own and be more than 'just another Weasley'. He didn't bargain for the life that waited for him when he ended up sharing a train cabin with the one and only Harry Potter and befriending the brilliant if bossy Hermione Granger. Too many times the three of them cheated death, enough to make any normal person believe they might be immortal.

That level of hubris, though, wasn't one Ron enjoyed too much, having to confront his fears and insecurities head on before coming to terms with losing family and friends in a war that would decide the fate of wizarding king.

Much to the disappointment, but probably not the surprise, of one Miss Granger, Ron chose not to finish his studies at Hogwarts, going instead for the expedited auror training program quickly put in place after the Battle of Hogwarts to help get more talented witches and wizards in the depleted ranks. Which was probably for the best --- Ron seriously doubted he had the scores to have made it into the auror program without the... assistance.

It was a dream come true, though one he realized was something of a gift. Ron swore he would take the opportunity to not only help the Ministry round up the remaining Death Eaters on the run, but to honor Fred, his brother, and the fallen wizard's memory. It definitely doesn't hurt to know that he has his two favorite people working in the same building as well. Old habits die hard.

Canon RP Sample

He drank coffee now. He hated the stuff. At first, it was just because he saw other, more experienced wizards, fixing themselves a cup. So, he followed suit. And immediately regretted it. Either he wasn't preparing it correctly or it was the most bitter rubbish ever. But he kept drinking it, because every morning, he would walk into the office and someone would always ask, "Hey Ron, want some coffee?" Yes, he would say, yes I would. And now he was hooked on the stuff. He couldn't function properly without that morning cup of gross coffee. It gave him the pep he needed to wake up from his drowsiness. One that had him once caught by Hermione, long limbs stuffed underneath his desk, taking a nap. The amount of nagging that day was colossal. So, now, he drank coffee.

"So bloody rancid," he muttered to himself as he poured about half the bowl of sugar into the black liquid and swirled it with a spoon. He took a sip and shrugged as he tossed the spoon aside and made his way to the small office that had been assigned to him.

"Mr. Weasley, a letter," a young wizard said suddenly, tearing Ron's focus away from his ever important task of walking while drinking. He wasn't very good at it, you see. Ron stuck out his hand and a letter was put into his hand. It weighed far more than letters from the Ministry regarding missions or meetings. Ron casually glanced at the writing on the envelope and immediately recognized his mother's handwriting. Not. Good. Once he reached his office, he placed his cup of coffee down on his ever messy desk and tore open the letter.

"Ronald Bilius Weasley, it has been nearly a month since you've come to visit your family. Ginny comes. She brings Harry along with her! I even saw Hermione about a week ago, but my son, my very own son, chooses to completely ignore his family! What are you doing that's so important that keeps you from visiting? And don't give me that song and dance about you being an auror! Harry's an auror! And yet, the boy manages to visit. I expect a visit from you by this weekend. Or I'm showing up at the Ministry. And trust me, young man, you do not want me showing up at the Ministry.


"At least it wasn't a Howler." Ron mumbled, tossing the letter to the side, utterly guilt-ridden. He would have to visit his mother. Nothing quite more embarrassing than having your mother show up at your job to yell at you. Just another day of being a Weasley, though.
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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1991 - 1997

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Rupert Grint

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