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Oracle Mall
Astoria Greengrass [Brii]
Sweet Dreams
17 Nov 1981
Not every Pureblood is created equal. While the history books tell epic, sweeping stories of great deeds (and terrible..)? Well, sometimes a pureblood is born that simply doesn't live up to the tall tales.

Astoria is, most definitely, one of these.

The younger of the two Greengrass girls, Astoria couldn't be less like her sister. While Daphne is fiery and ambitious, Astoria is quiet, and soft spoken. She doesn't court power or renown; and thoug her family had great, old money and reputation, she doesn't think it has ever really made them happy.

If there had been rumours that Astoria was 'different' before, her parents had it confirmed when the Sorting Hat was set on her blonde curls. For a long time, the hat mulled over her head-- oh, she could find similar spirits in Hufflepuff, it had murmured. She wasn't brave enough for Gryffindor, and Slytherin would eat her alive...

Oh, but she was smart. Resourceful, and yes... And quick witted... Yes, if she was certain that Hufflepuff wasn't for her? Ravenclaw!

Her parents were furious, of course. But, in the back of her mind, Astoria was deeply grateful that it hadn't been worse.

From her first year, Hogwarts was thrown headlong into a boiling pot that only seemed to grow hotter as the years went on. While at school, students whispered of a dark power.

And at home, Astoria tried not to think about her father's increasingly frequent, conspicuous absences. Tried not to notice her sister's sidelong glances, or the conversations that silenced abruptly when she entered the room.

In her 6th year at Hogwarts, war came to the walls. Though she never joined the student rebellion officially, her skill with healing spells and ability to keep a secret, made her a loyal and helpful ally.

By the end of the war, Astoria had seen the things her parents were capable of. And the foul paths they had followed, in their persuit of power and purity. Blood supremacy had become more than a family tradition, it had become the thing that murdered her classmates and friends.

In the wake of the violence, Astoria left her family's ancient home, walking away from their expectations. It wasn't a dramatic leaving, filled with righteous indignance and anger. Instead, Astoria quietly packed her things, and left for school. At the end of her 7th year, she simply didn't return home.

After finished her NEWTs, she opened Sweet Dreams, a bakery in the Oracle Mall. It was cathartic to bake; fruit tarts and pastries never hurt anyone, and being surrounded by sugar, cinnamon and tea made her happy.

She does speak to her family occasionally, when they pass near her shop or on the street. But she has nothing much to say to them, these days.
Despite everything that has happened in the Wizarding World in the last few years, despite her upbringing, and the things she has seen, Astoria is still very young.

Outwardly her personality is quite sweet, and rather optimistic-- a good disposition, one would think, for a baker. She loves to talk to the people that spcome into the shop, and has been known to sneak children sweets ariund e ciunter when their parents aren't looking!

And while it's not fair to say that it's a charade.. Well. Some days it's more difficult than she lets on.

Astoria smiles more, because she wants to be the sort of person that smiles. She she focuses on the positive because those are the things that need the most nurturing. It's a conscious effort; reminding herself that her parents were wrong, and that she doesn't have to be that sort of person.

That their expectations of her, don't have to be her expectations for herself.

After the war, many people went into positions of help-- Aurors and Healers, and Lawyers-- with a founded sense of where they would best be of service. They knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, where they belonged.

For Astoria, she's still not sure. She has things she needs to make her peace with, and a bit more soul searching... A bit more getting to know herself. And while there are difficult days, there is also progress. Really good days.

And, she is sure, even better ones yet to come.


Astoria lives in a little loft apartment. It's small and rather bright, a far cry from the looming, gloomy, palatial mansion she grew up in!


Sweet Dreams is tucked into a small corner of the mall, and the scent of baked goods is excellent advertising! It's cosy and cheery, with a few small tables amongst the displays.



9 inches, unicorn hair and cedar

Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1992-1999

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Dove Cameron

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