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Ministry of Magic
Ridley Brevil
Magical Law Enforcement
Senior Hitwizard Specialist: Security
23 Jun 1956
PLAYER | twufoo
Ridley was born to two squibs who constantly squabbled and were eternally grumpy. They ran a wizarding doughnut shop together which featured the most custom flavors of doughnuts anyway, with the drawback that wizarding flavors generally are not very good. The business was a constant source of bickering between them, and when Ridley was only 8 years old, the shop finally went into bankruptcy along with the marriage.

He went to live with his mother while his father became a raging alcoholic who made money by cleaning wizarding institutions with hard, manual labor despite the fact that wizards could easily clean it with magic. His mother opened a dog and other dangerous beast walking business and often sent the children out to walk the pets for her. This side job earned Ridley quite a few scars and bite marks in his youth.

He had two siblings--one older brother and one younger sister. The family angsted quite a bit about whether or not the children would be magical, and in the end, only Ridley turned out to have the gift.

He went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff, though he got along best with Gryffindors. Simultaneously enjoying the use of magic and feeling guilty about it, he took his studies seriously and by the time he graduated he had scored well enough to enter the hitwizard program along with several of his good friends in Gryffindor and join the fight against Voldemort in the First War.

During the war, Ridley was critically injured and nearly died when his partner betrayed him. The incident scarred him, both physically and emotionally, and he has become far more cynical, grumpy, and less trusting since.

Later on, he met his life partner, Ephraim Riddle, who somehow managed to get under his skin and melt his grumpy exterior. Eventually they moved in together and kept their relationship secret due to the prejudices at the time. Ridley's fashion sense seemed to improve during this time. He is colorblind and often mismatches his clothes unless Ephraim lays them out for him beforehand. Over time, they adopted several children from Africa, and have grown accustomed to treating each other like old, annoying roommates in public.

During the war, Ridley kept his head down as best as he could. Luckily, as a security specialist, he usually wasn't the person to take others in, and he could often conveniently fuck up disarming a ward in order to sabotage a mission. Because of multiple screw ups, Ridley was eventually sacked and then re-hired following the completion of the war.


Holly, 10 1/2", Unicorn's hair

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1967-1974

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Barry Pepper

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