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Tyrannus Cinder
07 Dec 1976
PLAYER | Stefany
What makes a Sociopath? Tyrannus didn't know, hell he didn't even think that he was a sociopath, but he did know that after his childhood he didn't care what happened to anyone or what he did.

Born December 7, 1076, Tyrannus Cinder was the youngest of all of his siblings. Because of this he was usually treated easier by his mother, or handled with kid gloves some may have said. He was shielded from what was real, that was until his father decided that he was too weak to be his son.

Tyrannus did not know about Lilith's molestation, but his father had taken an interest in "teaching" him to grow up in a different way. At first it had begun with a slap in the head, being pushed into a wall, or just yelled at. Soon that grew into more, and bruises were being left on him for no reason at all.

If Tyrannus complained he got hit, if he looked at someone the wrong way he got hit. If anything went wrong he was hit, and soon enough he was toughening up. It got to the point where he began to enjoy the pain, and wondered how powerful his father must have felt by hurting him.

When his father was murdered by his mother, Tyrannus didn't feel anything. He was actually thrilled when his father was murdered and actually smirked when he received the news. However when his mother was murdered by his older brother he wasn't sure how to feel about that. He was close to his siblings and his mother and it tore his mentality into two loyalties he was unsure of which to follow.

Tyrannus began to get into hurting people when he was in his education at the Scholomance. He had a very short fuse, and the smallest thing could set him off causing him to get into fights. It didn't matter if he got hurt because usually the other guy was worst off then him. Gender, age, and size never mattered. He got angry, someone was getting hurt.

He felt no remorse, no guilt, and enjoyed it greatly. He wasn't the sharpest person at the school but he got by, and his love for fighting and hurting those that pissed him off put him in line to follow in his brother Caius's footsteps. He despised that his brother had lost his arm, and when Lilith ended up in prison he was even more angry, determined to rip apart anyone who dared to harm his family. He may not have been close to many, but his loyalty was to his family and the Knights. That was it.


Yew - 14" - Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

The Scholomance, 1987 - 1994

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Alexander Ludwig

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