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Ministry of Magic
Florence Crumble
Magical Law Enforcement
Wizengamot Administration Clerk
13 Aug 1976
PLAYER | Stefany
People were annoying. That was Florence Crumble's main motto in life. Maybe that was why she had such a hard time keeping a job but it was just who she was. She was a moody, crass, and rude woman whose only mission in life was to take care of her younger twin brother, Ezra.

Florence never knew who her father was, and her mother was just as worthless always being drunk. It left Florence to grow up quick and watch after her younger sibling. However, thanks to her mother she is very street savy and understands the world better then she learns in books. She had once been told she had a learning disability, but who really cared? Ezra was the academic one, she was just there to make sure he got what he needed out of life and kept them alive.

She absolutely hated Hogwarts. Every second of that school grated against her nerves, and since she was in a separate house than her brother, she was separated from the one person that had the skills to calm her down. Ezra was Florence's heart, and though she rarely showed kindness to anyone, he was the only person she was softer with.

She hated Hogwarts so much, that after her OWLs, Florence left Hogwarts. She wasn't learning anything, she hated the school and Slytherin because they were all caught up in this blood purity bullshit, so she got a job as a waitress, away from the magical world.

It was rough keeping food on the table, but she made do. When Ezra was home, or even at Hogwarts still since she refused to let him quit, she made sure he always had money and always could do whatever he wanted. He was brilliant in her eyes, and never greedy so why not help?

Things changed as they got older. Florence once again got fired from another waitressing gig, and she was pissed. How was it her fault she punched a man for grabbing her ass? He was drunk, oh well, he should know better. Then Ezra's hours got cut, so the only thing they could do was get back into the wizarding world.

They both applied at the Ministry, and Florence was lucky to get a job as the Wizengamot Administrative Clerk, which she's quite good at, acting as a kind of secretarial bouncer/paper filer/coffee maker. It was a job she enjoyed, and her main boss didn't seem to mind her attitude which worked for her.

Still she focused on keeping her and Ezra above water, and moving forward in life. She was going to make sure that Ezra lived whatever dreams he wanted, no matter what she had to do.


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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1987 -1992

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