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Ministry of Magic
Lulu Dominguez
Magical Law Enforcement
13 Sep 1977
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Lulu's father, Rudi Dominguez, was the child of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, a hard-working, hard-drinking mechanic who settled in Detroit for a job in the automobile industry. Lulu's mother, Kamilah Salem, was a wild child, the youngest child of a military family. Like most everything that passed through Kamilah's legs, Lulu came out swearing.

Born Guadalupe Dominguez, Lulu grew up the only girl in a family with three older brothers, pumped out one after another. They were a rowdy bunch, coming home dirty with bruises and bloodied knees. Growing up, it seemed that the oldest brother was well on his way to becoming a cop, the second a criminal, and the third a professional conman.

Little did they know that the spark of magic happened to run in their families. They were still attending some muggle school in the Highland Park district of Detroit, a dilapidated district reputed for crime and a high hospital intake of stabbing and gunshot victims, when one of the brothers began to manifest magic. A visit from some stuffy wizards ensued and the news, to the family's disbelief, that magic was real.

When Lulu turned of age, her magic began to manifest as well and she received an owl from Ravenwood. At school, she reconnected with her cousin and fancy rich boy hipster, Benji. She wasn't a particularly disciplined student, finding the structure of class horribly b o r i n g. As a muggleborn, she was well behind her peers in understanding and skill, and it was after several years of acting out and being threatened to be kicked out of the school that she returned home one summer, saw the decision before her--between a life trapped in Detroit and doing something greater at school--and began to apply herself more rigorously. There were still discipline issues, of course, but Lulu's grades in her classes improved and with some extra tutelage, she began to catch up to her peers.

Still, when Lulu graduated her grades were only average--not good enough to become a hitwizard or anything else with prestige. She was much better thinking on her feet rather than inside a classroom. She had multiple cousins living in England who managed to hook her up with a job as a patrol officer in the Ministry of Magic. She did alright. Her performance was a mixture of a few acts of badassery mixed with being unable to keep her mouth shut long enough to get in the good graces of her boss.

Little did she know that the Second Wizarding War would come along and change everything. Lulu was forced to flee the Ministry and worked with her cousins in the resistance efforts. She was fearless and unpredictable in a fight, quick in a crisis, and got to be a big, damn hero on multiple occasions. After the war she was given a second chance to join the hitwizard program, which she jumped on immediately. She attacked the training with gusto and has recently graduated into full hitwizardship.


Spruce, 13", Dragon Heartstring

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1988-1995

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Antonia Thomas

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