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Darla Shepard [Liz]
21 Jun 1977
"Darla" means "dear one," and that's exactly what she was to her Death Eater parents for four short years. She was absolutely doted upon. They were going to raise her into the most fearsome witch the world had ever seen.

1981: "Don't move from this spot. No matter what you see, no matter what you hear ... don't move, do you understand me? I will always love you." Those were the last words her father spoke to her before thrusting the (illegal) family heirloom wand into her tiny hand. Thus began the end of her youthful innocence. Face pressed against a crack in the attic floorboards, Darla watched in horror as the fight broke out. She saw her mother quickly taken out with a Killing Curse. Then she saw her father tortured for what seemed like days to the little girl. Broken and battered, he eventually begged for the quick death his wife had received, and they complied.

It wasn't until after her parents were dead that the Ministry villains found the little girl hiding in the attic. She put up quite a fight for a four-year-old, drawing blood with her teeth and nails as they wrangled her out of the house. She still remembers the look on her father's dead face. She would remember this Ministry-sponsored cruelty for the rest of her life.

She was given into the care of a midwife named Lenora Shepard who had already adopted three older children. Though she was kind and good, Darla knew, even as a small child, that she would never love Lenora the way she had loved her parents.

1981-1988: Hakan and Dimas were old and weird. Dimas was so happy all the time ... what was wrong with him? Was he mentally deficient in some way?

Sonya, on the other hand, was just right. She was a kindred spirit: angry and broken, just like Darla. Though Lenora always did her best and cared deeply, any healing that took place was thanks to Darla's time with her sister. They had no inappropriate expectations of each other. There was no pressure to be happy or to be normal. Together, they could simply be themselves. Darla idolized Sonya. She depended on her.

She was also fascinated by the fact that Sonya was a werewolf. There was a certain music to their home, a symphony of wails and howls that Darla grew to find comforting. She didn't like it when things were too quiet. The music of pain washed over her, cradled her, and lulled her to sleep.

1988-1989: By the time Darla arrived at Hogwarts, she was still strange and off-putting, with more than a hint of darkness to her, but she seemed to have been largely rehabilitated. She was surprised to be placed in Gryffindor when she had been hoping for Slytherin, but she would make do. After all, she always did.

Then, in the beginning of Darla's second year, something terrible happened to Sonya. Some idiotic students followed her to the Shrieking Shack in order to attack her. During these events, Sonya's transformation took place, and she killed one student and infected the others. Darla was the only one to know what had actually happened, and in her opinion, her sister was completely justified.

Unfortunately, the Ministry saw things differently, and the rage that Darla had buried returned full force. Once again, the Ministry was the enemy, and they took her sister away from her. Fortunately, Sonya didn't make it all the way to Azkaban. Unfortunately, she disappeared from Darla's life.

1989-1994: After losing Sonya, Darla buried herself in her schoolwork, reasoning that she would need a strong educational foundation in order to learn the Dark Arts later and then enact her vendetta against the Ministry. Driven by rage, she outperformed most of her peers and even some of the older students. Whenever possible, she got permission to enter the Restricted Section and took advantage of that access to look at books beyond those for which the professors had given her permission.

Wanting to maintain a low profile and avoid being expelled from school, Darla mostly kept her head down and her nose buried in books. Though she often wished she could give other students exactly the punishments they deserved for their idiocy, she resisted the temptation. She developed incredible self-control over these years of her schooling.

In the summer after her sixth year, Darla finally saw Sonya again. Voldemort had just been reborn, and Darla was fascinated by what Sonya had been doing with Cerberus. Why shouldn't werewolves get the respect they deserved? They were beautifully refined forms of humans, brutality and instinct distilled into perfect killing machines.

Her future was suddenly perfectly clear. Not only would she learn the Dark Arts and use them against the Ministry ... she would also become a werewolf. All she had to do now was complete one more year of schooling.

1994-1997: During her seventh year, Darla began studying the Dark Arts in earnest, consulting every source she could get her hands on. She graduated from Hogwarts and immediately set about looking for the Werewolf Army. They weren't too difficult to find, given the trail of destruction they left in their wake.

On October 31, 1995, she was bitten by choice and began her new life.

One of the best things about it was that Cerberus was working with the Werewolf Army, and that meant Darla was reunited with her beloved sister. Oh, and they tore shit up together. These were the best few years of Darla's life. Finally she was able to share the transformation with her sister and strike back against those who fought on the side of "good."

Unfortunately, the best years of her life quickly ended. Sonya didn't approve of the Werewolf Army's tactics. She didn't believe that children should be turned and brainwashed into the Army life. Darla comprehended where her sister was coming from, but her rage knew no bounds. She didn't care who she hurt, as long as it wasn't Sonya.

Her heart broke when Sonya and some others were run off. The decision to stay with the Werewolf Army in that situation was the hardest Darla had ever made, but she believed that Sonya was wrong: misguided, perhaps, but wrong.

1997-Present: After the Battle of Hogwarts and the final end of Voldemort, many members of the Werewolf Army felt directionless. What was their purpose now? The disillusionment was extreme for many of them, and Darla was no exception. As one of the founding members of the Winterfold Pack, she spends her time practicing the Dark Arts, tearing humans apart while in wolf form, and biding her time until war, or another opportunity to attack the Ministry, returns.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: WEREWOLF

Werewolf Form: Standard
Werewolf Size: 5'5" long, approximately 150 pounds

Form & Size Elaboration: Physically, Darla's wolf form is similar to her human form: slight but surprisingly fearsome. Her fur and eyes are a dark brownish-gray.

Her wolf behavior is closely related to her human qualities. A mixture of terrifying rage and careful self-control in human form, she has a tendency to snap in wolf form, going from moderate self-control to complete bloodlust at a moment's notice. She has never used Wolfsbane Potion, so she never suffers any ill effects or guilt relating to her murder sprees.


12" - Dragon Heartstring - Yew / 13" - Acromantula Web - Yew

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1988-1995

Face Claim

Elodie Yung

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