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Patience Hopewell
Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
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19 Mar 1967
Patty was born to an American wizard and a British muggle. Her dad had never kept what he was a secret from her mother, so when their time in college was over and they were officially ready to start a family, it had been decided to move to England. Her mother wanted to go home and her father knew that they had more and better wizarding communities in the UK as opposed to in the States. Also, if they ever did have a child and that child turned out magical, like him, he wanted them to be able to attend Hogwarts. Not too long after the move, Patty was born, she was raised knowing all sides of her history. From magic to muggle and American to British. Needless to say, she would get some funny looks when she spoke, since she'd interchangeably use the two different types of slang. That and depending on 'how American' or 'how British' she was talking, it would affect her accent.

Her father was thrilled when she showed signs of magical ability. He had a weekend long party to celebrate her Hogwarts letter. She would be the first in her family [on either side] to attend Hogwarts. Her grandparents, aunts and uncles flew in just for the party alone. It was like a big family reunion, only with a lot more bells, bangs and whistles. All magically done of course. Her mother had more fun with the shopping trip for her supplies than her dad did. But then again, her mum was finding some stuff she could use herself or make her husband use, in order to keep the house better. Needless to say, her father was glad he wasn't a muggle with the projects his wife wanted done.

It was during her first year, about partway through, when she met Oz. Well of course that wasn't his name, but it was by the time she was done with him. It seemed the girl had a knack for counter jinxes/hexes/curses, and it came in handy when she saw the third year all sorts of messed up from one. It took some time, but eventually she wormed her way into his inner circle and eventually becoming one of his closest friends. That was her Hogwarts career, keeping Oz in line, and getting ready for the big world out there. As well, as exploring a lot of firsts with Oz.

Upon graduation she got a job in the ministry as part of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. As said before she had a knack for counters. She worked for the ministry for several years, working her way up and finally being made Senior AMR Member. During the whole fiasco with the Dark Lord, Patty registered, as she was a half blood, and continued to work in the ministry. She even told Oz to do the same. She kept her head down and kept tabs on what all was going on. However, she had been kept busy as hell because, well, Deatheaters were immature gits. However, when the call came for the Battle of Hogwarts, the little Hufflepuff took off to go help out. It was a close one, and honestly, she was surprised she survived it. However, she did, though she spent a couple of months in St. Mungo's afterwards. Now she is back to work at the Ministry and making sure Oz keeps himself in line.


Willow, 8 3/4 inches, dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1979-1986

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Amanda Seyfried

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