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Lily Flannery
Lily's Leather and Lace Boutique
28 Jul 1980
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Lily was born into exorbitant privilege. Her mother Rosalind Peverell came from an ancient, wealthy pureblooded line that could trace its ancestry back to Merlin himself. Though the last of the male Peverells had died out and the name had vanished a while ago, an inner family feud within the original family, the Potters, resulted in some members of the family reclaiming the ancestral name to separate themselves from the disgraceful Potters. Her father, Eamon Flannery, was a cunning man, doting on his family but largely absent with a tendency to throw money rather than time at his children.

Lily knew she was special from a young age. The adults all doted on her. She had a knack for getting what she wanted with a dimpled grin, a wibble of her lower lip, and playing mommy and daddy off one another. When she didn't get her way, she grew angry and sullen. Her moods were mercurial and infectious and she was incredibly stubborn. Eventually, someone would give in.

As she grew older, and her younger brother came along and she found herself in a bigger school with more competition afoot, she grew increasingly preoccupied with her looks as they were the easiest way for her to get the attention she craved. Her hot and cold melodramatics with her parents gained her access to certain charms and resources that gave her an edge in that department.

In Hogwarts, she was sorted into Slytherin and always seemed to be surrounded by friends. Manipulation seemed to come naturally to her. Lily was something of a prodigy when it came to her spellwork. Of course, coming from such an ancient and powerful line, that was to be expected. She was a good (but not great) student. Knowing her family's wealth would always support her and her natural gifts with spells, she breezed through her classes without the motivation to really try at all in them.

This natural talent for spellwork was contrasted by what seemed to be an appalling lack of common sense and tendency to focus on superficial things, especially when overcome by her mercurial nature. She wasn't always the best with her choices when it came to boys, who all wanted her silky smooth skin and banging 32FF boobs. Even though she tries to be selective about who she slept with, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, alright? She was really trying!

During the Second Wizarding War, Lily worked within the system to keep her status inside the school. She seemed to play both sides and do so with ease, at once supporting the new regime and at the same time being sympathetic to those idealistic DA students. When it came to be time for the Battle, Lily meant to stay carefully neutral and go with the other Slytherins to the dungeon but she had a vision at an inopportune time that distracted her from joining them and she ended up in the thick of fighting. Thankfully, she was saved from any harm by some boys that totally wanted her humps.

After she graduated, she got the money from her dad to open up her own lingerie shop in Diagon Alley. Like the sexy version of the Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, Lily's Leather and Lace Boutique sells delightful, magically enhanced unmentionables and other sexy accouterments, most of which is high end and expensive. Despite the strength and brilliance of Lily's charms, she isn't the best at business sense and has often chosen style over substance (and economics) in designing her shop. This has left her with a great deal of debt despite the success of her shop, and she has resorted to opening up the sex portion of the shop to... eurghhh, some weird and gross things. They're super ugly, but they sell well, at least.

Lily often visits the Ministry of Magic to mooch more money off of daddy and to do business stuff with the people in experimental charms and the patent offices.


edit: Lily is actually the product of an affair between her father and a part-veela woman. The affair was covered up, and while Lily was young, she had certain surgeries done to conceal the obvious evidence of her origins. She is unaware of the fact that she is part-veela, and the characteristics are only minor in her. Changes in her appearance when she's angry are often passed off as a trick of the lighting.
Lily is like the perfect shitstorm of


mixed with


Lily has the smoothest milkiest most flawless white skin with luscious silky copper tresses and enchanting hazel-green eyes (sometimes more green, sometimes more hazel depending on the light) that sparkle like gemstones. She is petite and slim, with a waspy waist and an amazing, ample bosom that is immune to the effects of gravity.


Thanks to Daddy's wallet, Lily has a nice, cushy place near her shop in Diagon Alley that her house elf keeps immaculately clean.


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Willow, 11", dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1991-1998

Face Claim

Holland Roden

Additional Notes

Lily secretly roleplays on the Forbidden Fruits RP and is the unofficial leader of her little clique, which writes its own Burn Book.

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