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Knockturn Alley
Ursula Umbridge
Azkabang Prison
14 Jul 1980
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Orford Umbridge was a grasping man, a pureblood living in poverty, a lowly janitor working for the Ministry with no better prospects due to his weak magic and sluggish mind. He married a muggle and went on to have two children with her. Dolores, a witch, was his pride and joy. Their son, a squib, ultimately the crack in the foundation of their marriage. After the divorce, his ex-wife and son returned to the muggle world and were never seen again, whilst Dolores remained with her father who went on to take a second wife, a fellow pureblood of little renown, who bore him a son - Ennis - before tragically succumbing to death...helped along, Orford suspected, by none other than his competitive, sadistic daughter.

Against the odds, Ennis survived his childhood and upon graduation from Hogwarts, joined the Death Eaters to serve in the first war. He was a lacklustre soldier - unconcerned about following orders, and selfishly cunning in the way small, vicious animals are. He mainly used his time under Voldemort to make himself richer, hoarding the war spoils before taking off for America after the fall of their leader, avoiding incarceration.

Once overseas, he styled himself as a moneyed English lordling, and eventually married a bold, brash pureblooded New York witch who gave him a daughter - Ursula.

They remained in the states, but when Ursula turned eleven, Ennis insisted to send her to Hogwarts, being suspicious of the American magic schools where there seemed to be little division between students of different blood. Predictably, she was sorted into Slytherin, and quickly formed a clique with two equally rich, snobbish, pureblood girls - Lily Flannery and Aurora Peverell.

As a student, Ursula was very much the rules lawyer of the classroom, willing and able to successfully argue her way into higher grades than she strictly deserved, always looking for loopholes through which she could get ahead, and forever on the lookout for an opportunity to manipulate those around her.

Things became much easier once her Aunt Dolores took power at Hogwarts. As a pureblood, a fellow pink enthusiast, and an admirer of kittens (and torture), Ursula found she had a lot in common with her. She never quite committed to sparklemotion, however; a bit brighter than her aunt, Ursula recognised the danger inherent in backing a horse that had lost before, and was vindicated when Harry Potter eventually defeated Voldemort.

The other reason she was reluctant to join in with her aunt's pro-pureblood campaigning was that she had a shameful secret: a fetish for muggles and muggleborns that dare not speak its name. Someone did talk though, and when the news got back to Ursula's parents that she had been dabbling in miscegenation, she was summarily cut off from the family fortune.

To her horror, Ursula was forced to get a job to support herself after Hogwarts, and not the kind of cushy ownership gigs that Lily and Aurora landed, either. One that actually involved working. With the name Umbridge attached to her, however, finding gainful employment in the wizarding world wasn't easy, and she ended up working at Knockturn Alley's seedy BDSM club as a mistress - a position which, strangely enough, suited her.

Ursula's luck changed, however, when her aunt was killed in late 2001, following her break out from Azkaban. Dolores, having not heard of Ursula's shameful activities, had left her niece a tidy sum of gold, which she used to buy out the owners of the club, completely refurbish it, and turn it into the classy kind of establishment where one could enjoy drinking champagne worth hundreds of Galleons through the straw of a gimp mask.

Notes: In her sixth year, Ursula discovered her patronus form was a hyena, and decided she had to be an Animagus. Not being the brightest student, she utilised the services of a Ravenclaw boy who was in equal parts scared of, and attracted to, her. With his assistance and practice outside of school, she managed to achieve full transformation in the last year - however, wandless transformation still eludes her, and sometimes she gets stuck in hyena form for several hours at a time, especially when tired, distracted, or stressed.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Ursula's animagus form is a spotted hyena with an extra large pseudo penis, and a thick ridge of fur along her neck and back that is tipped with frosted pink.

Animagus Form Elaboration: Like the female spotted hyena, Ursula is aggressive and domineering, and enjoys freaky, weird, and often logistically frightening sex. She has a distinctive laugh that can double as a warning, and often talks over others as a way to display her higher social status. She will also eat literally anything, and is extremely territorial about her food - attempting to steal a chip may actually result in the loss of a finger, if not the whole hand.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Animal Sound -- The first and most obvious symptom was Ursula's retaining the laugh of a hyena when in human form, which she still has and had made no attempt to get rid of.

2) Brain Scramble -- For over a week, Ursula reverted to having the mind of a toddler and was incapable of doing all but the most basic tasks. She was put on constant supervision at St Mungo's until the healers managed to reverse the effects of the spell gone wrong. Ursula was terrified to change again after that, and still considers carefully the need versus potential drawbacks before assuming animal form.

3) Animal Part -- Ursula has left herself with a giant pseudo-penis on multiple occasions, but never bothered seeking medical attention for it. She actually quite enjoys the variety it brings to her sex life, but would be distraught if it became a permanent feature.


10.5", Redwood, Phoenix tail feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1991-1997

Face Claim

Emilia Clarke

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