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Ministry of Magic
Pansy Parkinson
Magical Law Enforcement
Wizengamot Administration Clerk
06 Nov 1980
Pansy was born into the world a bonafide daddy's girl. After all he gave her everything and told her she was perfect just about every day of her life. The unfortunate repercussion of this, was that Pansy was sure the world owed her for being so perfect. She could do no wrong and not many people were good enough for her praise.

She had big hopes for Hogwarts, as she knew that she'd be something truly great, and she might have been had it not been for Potter and all of his blind, soulless followers. Had any people from the houses other than Slytherin actually had a backbone, things might have turned out, much, much differently.

Pansy learned quickly that most people in the world were tools. They were severally misinformed, lacking in personalities and generally tedious. She made sure they knew this, after all, how is one to improve themselves if they don't truly understand their faults. Being fat, mudblood, stupid, a teacher's pet, lacking a fashion sense, and generally being ginger were all major problems.

Pansy had only been trying to do her fellow students and professors a favor when she suggested that they hand over Harry Potter to the dark lord. And to this day, when asked about it, she supports her decision. After all, an awful lot of people died as a result. But Pansy didn't, and that was all that mattered.

When things quieted down, Pansy went to work at the Ministry at a position her father had recommended for her (or more likely bribed someone to get her) in the Wizengamot as an Administration Clerk. Obviously she'll be running the whole of the Wizengamot one day. Obviously.

Until then, she's going to carry on, letting people know exactly what's wrong with them, and bide her time until she finally makes it.

Canon RP Sample

The working world was an absolute joke. She always had thought that adults -- working adults -- were smart, fashionable, and sensible, but the truth was that most of them were disgusting, and boring little worms.

She loathed her time at the Ministry. Most of the other Administration Clerks were frumpy, saggy, midnight-blue eye shadow ridden bovines who liked to boss her around because they had been there ror an exponential amount of time. They didn't even realize how pathetic they were.

"Ms. Parkinson," floated the voice of Pansy's sickeningly sweet supervisor over her desk. Pansy considered making a run for the loo to avoid her, but the woman was abnormally fast and quiet. She was upon her almost instantly. "Where is the court transcript I asked you to copy and distribute?"

Pansy pushed a piece of parchment over the transcript, nonchalantly with the sliding of her elbow over the desk. "I sent it out a while ago. Haven't you received it yet?" Pansy asked, her tone to match that of her superior.

"Why no, dearest, I have not. Nor has anyone."

Pansy did her best to convey concern. She glanced around and then leaned in, "You know, Mrs. Kline, I've been hearing a lot of complaints and having a few issues myself with that new intern, Sam Josco. I know he spends an awful lot of time flirting with the younger staff, and neglects his work."

Mrs. Kline did not look pleased. Not at all. "Thank you for informing me, Ms. Parkinson. I'll rectify this problem immediately."

Pansy smirked as the woman walked away and went back to making a list of all the things she hated about her coworkers to burn the time.


Blackthorn, 8 & 1/2", Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1991-1997

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Scarlett Bryne

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