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Neville Longbottom [Fidelacchius]
Professor Of Herbology At Hogwarts
30 Jul 1980
PLAYER | Fidelacchius
Many of you know my history, or at least how it began, and if you have picked up and read 'Amazing Wizards and Witches of the Second Great War' you know my part in the defeat of the Death Eaters and Lord Voldermort. Well, here is a bit of a review in case you missed it. My parents were part of the original Order of the Phoenix, and were tortured beyond repair by Bellatrix LeStrange and Crouch Jr. My family thought I was a squib until I got my letter from Hogwarts.

While there I met the people that would help shape my life to this day. And that was Harry Potter and company. Or my fellow Gryffindors. My time in the school was very informative and what not. Mostly it was great cause it showed me things I was good at and proved once and for all that I am a wizard. If not extremely powerful at least enough that I'm not a squib.

After the end of the Great War, things seemed to quiet down a bit. I kinda started to date Hannah Abbot for a while, but that has seemed to cool off a bit, although I'm not writing that romance off. But I am still single, if your interested. I have developed into a bit more than just your normal doormat, and enjoy my life so far. I am currently applying for the position of Herbology professor at Hogwarts, mostly cause it was my best subject and I feel I could really impart a love of these magical plants to my potential students. Um...I'm not really sure what else to mention. My parent's are still in Mungo's and everything is okay on that front. I'm still good friends with all of my fellow Gryffindor's and even have some what forgiven those of Slytherin house for their betrayal. I believe that is about all I have to say. So if you would like more please send another owl, and I would be happy to expand upon any points you might have questions on.

Canon RP Sample

Things seemed to be going about usual for me, Mr. Longbottom, hopefully soon Professor. Well, that is to say I might be staying at the Leakey Cauldron right now, but that is only temporary I hope. My current plants are all growing rather nicely and I think that is about all I can accomplish until I have my own garden. So looking around I find myself smiling. Heading down to the bar area and thinking about things that are to come. And praying my owl saying I have the post for next term at Hogwarts comes soon. I never noticed the broom some silly student had left on the ground. Looking at the bar keep. “Can you make sure the cleaning witch comes up.............aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh”

The broom shot up between my legs without me noticing it and launched me up to the rafters where I now find myself hanging by the back of my robes. “Why me?”


13” Cherry Wood with Unicorn Heart String for it's core.

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1991 - 1998

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Matthew Lewis

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