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Erin Beren
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20 Apr 1985
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Erin Rachel Beren was the baby of the family. The youngest of three daughters. Her sisters were quite a bit older than her, Elsie being (almost) 10 years her senior and Elaine being 8 years older. In a way it was like having three mothers.

She did her best to follow both girls around whenever she could, once she started crawling and walking of course, and was rather lonely when both Elsie and Elaine were in school. Sure her parents were around, but she missed her sisters.

And then she started school. By this time Elaine had left home to London and Elaine was busy doing dragon things. Erin began to make friends, aside from her sisters, and her best friend in the whole world Kirian a pureblooded wizard who was in Chisholm with her.

At fourteen she and Kirian began to date and both parents were happy about this. School was easy for her, but Erin's favorite classes were those of Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. She'd hoped to follow in Elsie's footsteps and work as a Dragonologist.

On her 16th birthday, Kirian gave her a promise ring. She was so happy and excited. They'd marry after school and start a family.

And the whole family starting thing came a lot sooner than either expected. Teenage hormones ran amok with the help of some alcohol snuck during a New Years Eve party.

And it didn't take long for Erin to start feeling sick when she'd eat or smell certain things or even at certain times a day. She thought nothing of it at first. Figured that she was just coming down with a bug or something. And then she missed a period. She never missed or was late. She was like clockwork. The panic started. Could a virgin get pregnant on her first time?

Apparently so, since she instead of telling anyone managed to get her hands on one of those little pee on a stick things. Shit. She was going to have a baby. She told Kirian and he looked as scared as she was. But then he was all typical sweet. He told her they'd do the right thing. They'd get married and raise their baby together.

Only it didn't work that way at all. There was no fairy tale happy ending for Erin and Kirian. His parents were livid. They did not want their teenage son to raise a child. That was not part of their plan for him. Erin's parents were little better. They became very strict with her, and put a lot of pressure on her to give the baby up for adoption after she gave birth.

Kirian's parents on the other hand, offered the girl a large deal of money to abort the pregnancy. She told them to get bent. In retaliation they sent Kirian to live with some family in America. It was hard, killer even for her to go it alone. Elsie was a big support for her, as was Elaine but through owls and the internet.

Kids at school who were once her friend started to say mean things about her behind her back, people thought she was easy. But she loved this baby, and no matter how hard it would be for her to raise this child, she knew she would love it with all her heart.

The closer her due date was the more pressure her parents were putting on her. She loved them but was getting more and more sick of how they were acting, not understanding that all she really needed right now was their support. She was scared, and alone.

And the baby was born, a beautiful healthy little boy she named Jacob Evan Beren. She adored her son from the minute he was placed in her arms. Her baby, her light, her accidental miracle. She left the hospital with him in her arms hoping she'd be able to give him all the love he so deserved. She had no intention of returning to school, at least not right away. She needed to care for Jacob. That was now her priority.

However her parents were making things difficult and stressful on her. So much pressure, couldn't they see she was doing the best she could with the cards life had dealt her? But it wasn't enough, and finally Erin had enough.

She packed a few things, mostly things for her son, and left home. She couldn't stay here, couldn't take it. She didn't say a word to anyone, just went and sold the promise ring Kirian had given her, although it broke her heart to do so. And she went to get a plane ticket. She was going to Elaine. London was plenty far away from overbearing parents.

Only at the ticket kiosk, Elsie was there. But instead of talking her baby sister out of leaving, she went with her and Jacob. Elaine took them in of course.

She's hasn't been in England all that long, but already she is adapting and is much happier. Someday she knows she will need to find a job, but for right now, she's content living with her sisters and raising her son. She still misses Kirian, and wonders if he ever got the picture she'd sent him of Jacob, taken right after the baby was born.
Erin isn't the type to follow typical paths. If she were on a trip, she'd take as many detours as possible. She finds experiencing new things more satisfying than always taking the safest and most conventional route.

She is however learning to be more practical, and despite her age thinks she is rather responsible, she has to be, being the mother of a young child. She isn't the most social of people, preferring to watch others before acting.

She is very loyal and compassionate and family is the most important thing in the world to her. She can be rather laid back, spontaneous on occasion, or serious if it is required.

She takes great pride in her son, loves being a mother, and would kill for her baby if it meant keeping him safe.


Erin lives with her two older sisters and her son Jacob. She is neat and tidy to a fault, already fearing the time her boy starts crawling and beginning to put anything he can get his hands on in his mouth.



12" Birch, Unicorn Hair

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Boorowong Island High School of Magic, Chisholm, 1997-2002

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