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Hakim Al-Qasimi
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05 Jul 1974
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Hakim is eldest son of Sheikh Faisal Al-Qasimi, a minor Kuwaiti prince of the royal house, whose eldest half-brother currently occupies the country’s throne. Within the tiny oil-rich state, the Al-Qasimi family are absolute rulers, and even those far from power occupy a unique social pedestal. Sheikh Faisal is among the few who decided to take a foreign wife – a practically unheard-of decision when it was made – and married a British woman named Abigail who was serving in the Diplomatic consulate. Together, they had three sons – Hakim, Maktoum, and Naveed. They also adopted Malik, who was left on the steps of their villa with a desperate note and no indication of his parentage.

When Hakim first began showing signs of magic at the age of four, Abigail admitted to her husband that she was a witch. Though “witchcraft” – or what muggles believe to be witchcraft, which is often nothing more than confidence tricks and sleight of hand – is expressly forbidden and harshly punished within the Gulf states, Faisal slowly grew to accept his wife’s abilities. All four of their children eventually developed powers, confirming that Malik’s parents had probably been aware of Abigail’s abilities when they left him with her.

Hakim, Maktoum, and Malik all attended Madrasajinn. Following their schooling, Hakim and Maktoum returned to Kuwait and began working in the magical government. With divisions between muggles and wizards being more tenuous in Middle Eastern cultures, their names gave them clout even within the magical world, and they quickly found elevated positions within their respective specialties.

Malik, meanwhile, grew disenfranchised with his lower status as it became clear that he was not truly accepted as part of the Al-Qasimi family. He delved deeply into the principles of Salafism and started down a path of radicalization that took him through Gaza, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He was implicated in several jihadist acts of varying severity, before dropping off the map entirely.

During the second wizarding war, Hakim and Maktoum accompanied their mother to the UK where she had worked for the British Ministry and now assisted in coordinating international response to help combat Voldemort’s forces. The two brothers worked on behalf of the Ministry until its takeover in 1997, when they defected to fight for the resistance instead. They also discovered that Malik had joined Voldemort some time previously, though they were unable to make contact with him.

After the war was over, Hakim returned to Kuwait with his mother, whilst Maktoum stayed behind to build his life in London. He was killed by Tomas Vega in the December 2001 Jailbreak, and buried with full military honours in a state funeral in Kuwait.

In 2002 Hakim has returned to the UK to attend the trial of his brother’s murderer, but that quickly degenerated into a complete shitstorm. He remained in the UK to assist with the clean-up of the Ministry, before eventually being offered a job in the AMR Squad due to his extensive knowledge of and specialisation in malicious, long-term curses.


Acacia, 11", Dragon heartstring

Educational History

Madrasajinn, 1985-1992

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Omar Borkan Al Gala

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