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Ministry of Magic
Leonard Galkin
Magical Law Enforcement
13 Feb 1971
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Dark clouds hung from the sky, slithering away as it brought gloom upon the small, muggle-resided town of Burgundy. A midwife held the hand of the wretched lady, patting the laboring woman's head with a wet cloth before twisting it dry and soaking it back up in the bucket of water next to her stool. The lady's face contorted in pain into silent screams. Her husband, a man dressed in grey robes and carrying a petite wand not befitting his grand height and stature, stood quiet and anxious near the door. Every once in awhile, when his wife seemed to have some relief from the pain, he would wave around his wooden wand and chant a spell before looking back to his delivering spouse.

Finally, after hours of tension and wails, a high-pitched cry sounded through the room and looks of excitement and glee passed through the room. The midwife had a small, curved smile and bundled the child up in a blue fleece blanket. She gently handed the child into his mother's arms and, as if knowing that this woman was his mommy, he cooed and giggled, bubbly saliva dripping out to his chin. His father had given one last worried look at the door before heading to join his family, giving his wife a one handed hug and, with his other large and calloused hand, gave a fleeting touch to his baby boy's cheek. His previous stoic demeanor instantly transformed into an ear-splitting grin and he looked back at his wife.

"How about Hazel?" he proposed. His wife, although weakened from the arduous task of delivering the baby, slapped him playfully. She gave him a look. "You know he isn't going to like that name when he grows up," she caressed his chubby cheek and rubbed his little soft hands. "I think he looks like a Leonard."

He rolled his eyes, jokingly putting his pointer and middle fingers together in the shape of a gun before aiming it at his head before pretending to die. She just slapped him one last time for good measure. "Don't joke around here," she said half-heartedly, not wanting to admit that she was stifling a loving chuckle. The previous strained mood seemed to have been uplifted and, wanting to leave the couple alone, the midwife opened the door with her pail full of water and left the room. "It's our baby's birthday."

She tickled his stomach and the newborn let out what seemed like a baby's version of a chortle. Her husband simply pointed at the baby with a smug look on his face. "Ha, just like daddy! He's going to be a jokester when he grows up. Maybe prank a few uptight guys when he's older!"

A strangled sound erupted from the child and they both stilled, quickly checking Leonard to see if he was alright. The temperature in the room dropped a few degrees to a chilly climate and they heard a rumbling from the other room. Instead of the happy couple from before, the two were taken over by a sense of fear. The door seemed to be hit by something as it gave a loud, rough grunt. Blood began to pool underneath the hinge and some of it seeped through the cracks into the birthing room. The man didn't want to use any magic and draw attention to himself but it seemed that, at this point, there was no choice.

He had really hoped the Imperturbable Charm had been enough. "Repello inimicum!" he shouted and the door was glowing a shimmering golden light before dissipating. His wife grabbed his arm. "Vincent," she gave the little baby bundle to him and the keys to the family house. "Go back home, they won't be able to find out where you went without these," she shook the keychain, letting it jangle around for a bit. "Not without you, Marise!" he cried but, before he could say anything else, he felt that the spell was under attack.

The year was 1971, the year after the official beginning of the First Wizarding War. Not only were muggles and muggleborn being hunted but those perceived to be blood traitors by the followers of Lord Voldemort. A half-blood child was definitely something that would get you on the bad side of the Death Eaters.

"He shouldn't grow up without a parent," she sadly let go of Vincent's iron grip and bade him away. "Please, for me."

Before he could react, he felt the spell grow weaker and fear consumed him. In the years to follow he would blame himself for his wife's death. Regret and shame would plague his mind as he remembered that he was happy that his wife gave him permission to leave. That he was asked to go and that he didn't run away no matter how hard his feet shivered. Maybe Jessica, his wife, knew that. Maybe that was why she made them leave because she knew he was too much of a coward to die with so much of his life left.

Sometimes he wished that he had stayed but, at that moment, all he thought about was running away and taking Leonard with him. "Protego!" he casted the spell on her but they both knew it would do nothing to prevent her untimely death. He took off, tail behind his legs, through the back exit and through the forest, racing back to his family home with his baby in his arms. Leonard cried the entire way and it was a wonder that they didn't attract the attention of their hunters. Half-way through, he heard a shrill scream in the direction of the midwife's cabin. He closed his eyes and didn't look back, mourning for his beloved in his heart.

The Sorting Hat

Although his father had warned him of the strange item, Leon couldn't help but be fascinated and in shock as the Sorting Hat began to sing a lame hymn. In fact, Leon completely missed the lyrics in favor of letting his jaws hang motionlessly as he stood frozen and still. Names were called here and there and times were different for each person. There was one guy who took a full seven minutes --- do you believe that? Seven minutes?!

Still, after awhile of dread, Leon got used to the idea and actually got a teeny bit excited to put the hat on. He was on the balls of his feet as his name drew closer from the alphabetical order the list aligned itself in. Gryffindor. Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw. Slytherin. He kept on hearing those words over and over again. The house of the daring, the loyal, the smart, and the cunning. His father had been a Slytherin himself but, for some odd reason, Leon knew he didn't belong there.

Finally, his name was called. "Galkin, Leonard!" the headmistress yelled, voice loud and clear. He nervously stepped up the tiny stairs and sat on the stall as the aged lady dropped the Sorting Hat on top of his head. He was surprised and terrified to feel it move on the top of his head and then he heard a voice.

"Hello there," Leon nearly fell off his stool but he maintained his composure. He was in front of the entire school and he would be damned if he embarrassed himself here. "Ah, headstrong like a Gryffindor," the voice mused. An idea popped into his head. "Who are you?" Leon thought and, proving his hypothesis right, the voice answered as if hearing his thoughts. "I'm the Sorting Hat, didn't you hear my song?" it said absentmindedly. Comprehension popped into Leon's face as he listened to the hat's small thoughts.

"Although you're lacking in the common sense department," Leon felt irked at that response and he made sure to give the hat a loud 'Hey!' in return. "You're awfully book smart for your age, aren't you. A common trait for Ravenclaws," he said. "But you plan for great things with such ambition. You're quite cunning with all those unique pranks you're thinking of pulling," an indignant growl raised through Leon's throat. "You're reading my thoughts?!" it was less of a question and more of an accusation.

"Of course I am, boy," the hat seemed to chuckle and laugh. "I have to know about the deepest parts of yourself to sort you, you know," and, unable to defy that logic, Leon stringed a few words together. "It's wrong, okay?" he tried to explain but the hat ignored him. "I'm just doing my job here and, if you want me off your head that badly, then throw me," the thing taunted. It took all of Leon's restraint not to throw the damned hat off.

"Well, since you didn't do that you were less of a Gryffindor than I thought. Not ambitious enough for a Slytherin and not enough common sense for a Ravenclaw," it seemed like it was less of an honest analyzation and more like a barrage of insults at this point. "Your loyalty is perhaps the strongest trait you have. You belong in HUFFLEPUFF!"

Leon felt the hat get lifted up his head but he managed to sneak in a small offensive comment into his thoughts before the hat was taken off. He looked around the giant dining hall before a yellow banner with a black badger shined in front of him. He could see some other students jeer at him but he didn't know why until his sights fell upon the smiling students in Hufflepuff with their arms outstretched, ready for a hug. He groaned and buried his face in his hands. Oh God why.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

For the first eleven years of his life, Leon had not only experienced the horrors of the First Wizarding War but also the prejudice of being a half-blood and having a single father, pureblooded as he may be. Leon's father was a trickster and always found the joy in everything from getting a winning ice cream stick that says 'one free ice cream' or pouring boiling water over the Mandrake plants at night. It's terrifying to say that Leon hadn't only inherited his father's sense of dangerous and inappropriate humor but also developed his own reputation as a prankster during his school days.

It was a wonder that Leon was never expelled from Hogwarts when you consider his misdeeds but he was definitely a great student and it was this quality that had led him to higher education and his eventual job as a hitwizard. During his studentship at Hogwarts, Leon had straight O's in everything except for an A in art due to his dick pics and a P in arithmancy. He was never a prefect but he passed seven OWLs with O's.

He later went on to seven NEWT classes. Other than that and his exceptional delinquent record, Leon's time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was largely uneventful with few friends and many enemies.

Second Wizarding War

After graduating from Hogwarts, Leon quickly decided to become a hitwizard for Magical Law Enforcement. He wanted an exciting job that had action and adventure. He spent five years as a patrol due to his laziness in actually raising his fitness scores and, finally, he applied to become a hitwizard at the age of 23. He held previous experience, five OWLs, and passed the arduous training, becoming a stellar hitwizard a year before war broke out.

The wizarding world was in chaos when news of Lord Voldemort's arrival broke out and the death of the esteemed Barty Crouch Sr. left his father paranoid and frightened. Vincent, his father, had already experienced the First Wizarding War and begged Leon to quit the forces and leave before things get out of hand. Of course, Leon refused on the basis that people needed his help and, despite the stories circulating the the return of Lord Voldemort was nothing but a fib, his father remained vigilant and determined to keep Leon out of harm's way.

The day came when his father invited him to go out to the Millennium Bridge with him in 1996. He had wanted a nice place for them to spend time together due to their strained relationship from Vincent's terror and Leon's job. At the last minute, Leon was called in for overtime to help the department against the threatening of muggle lives and Leon ran late. By the time he got there, Leon had a present in hand as a make-up gift. The bridge was in shambles and corpses were drowned in the cold waters. That was the day Leon had lost his only dad.

A year later, Leon continued to work for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement as a strong hitwizard. He retained much of his humor and dry wit, now drinking and obliging in sex and partying to get rid of the deaths he had seen in the field and to mourn for his father, the only important person he had in his life. As the Ministry of Magic was under the control of Lord Voldemort, unbeknownst to many, Leon followed orders from the Head Pius Thicknesse.

After his father's death, Leon became somewhat reclusive and followed his superiors mindlessly. He was completely absorbed into the idea of authority, believing that if he had followed the laws more closely and maintained order, then his father wouldn't have died on the bridge. It was by following his orders that Leon became a Snatcher and hunted and arrested muggleborns. He continued on his duty until the Second Wizarding War was over and resumed his position as a hitwizard.

Current Life

Leon continued working as a hitwizard at the age of 31. He just goes through life at the motions, pulling dangerous pranks, committing hedonistic acts, and generally ignoring the rules despite his job as a law enforcer. He's the very opposite of what you would expect of a person of his profession. He never truly forgot the crimes he committed and the people who died during the Wizarding Wars.


Dogwood, 13 1/4", Dragon Heartstring

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1980-1987

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Matt Czuchry

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