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Ministry of Magic
Max Audley
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Werewolf Capture Unit Member
30 Jun 1974
PLAYER | Belle
Second eldest of his siblings, Max inherited the legendary Audley inability to make good decisions. Never particularly bright or driven like his sister Nayeli, he inhabited the big, dumb jock niche of the family, more concerned with the state of his manbun than the state of his grades.

He just scraped through Ravenwood with enough OWLs to score a place in the MACUSA's Hitwizard training program, though if he was honest, he’d have been just as happy in Patrol, which would’ve given him more time to admire himself in the mirror of a morning – however, at least as a Hitwizard, he was able to develop some killer muscles.

Over several years, throughout his training and time served as a full operative, it became clear that Max didn’t have the requisite harshness of character to actually harm anyone, and mostly got by on flexing his muscles and looking menacing. During peacetime, that was pretty much enough, and he kept his place in the MACUSA mostly on the basis that he was well-liked, and not because he was in any way useful.

Things changed a lot at the beginning of the Second War. Nayeli was attacked by a werewolf whilst in London, and shortly after, the MACUSA encouraged Max and several other deadweight agents to make the transfer to help their British cousins with the little Death Eater problem that the Isles were facing.

The only reason Max survived most of his fights was luck, and the fact that dark wizards were so preoccupied with curses and shields that they often forgot to look out for the one suicidal Hitwizard trying to rugby tackle them. He lost track, after a while, of whether he was fighting Death Eaters or his own side, since he was nowhere near perceptive enough to divine the subtle Ministry politics that governed their occupation.

Likewise, when Nayeli disappeared, Max assumed that she had died at the hands of the Death Eaters. It was unfathomable to him that she might have chosen to join the Werewolf Army, that she would ever give herself over to the monster that lived inside. He still maintains that she is dead, despite all evidence to the contrary, and stubbornly refuses to believe otherwise.

After the war, though he intended to return to America, Max found himself passively staying on when the rest of his family resettled in Britain to assist with the rebuilding effort. For a few years, he plodded on, helping his colleagues to round up stray undesirables and generally making Malcolm Bishop despair of his complete inability to think for himself until finally one botched job too many resulted in his demotion to Patrol, including shiftwork at Azkaban.

Already on the lowest rung of the ladder, there wasn’t anywhere else in MLE he could go when, several months after the Azkaban Jailbreak, he was discovered to have been conducting a relationship with one of the prisoners, resulting in his absence from his post and the deaths of several other guards. Though cleared of any malicious wrongdoing, it was obvious that Max’s career in law enforcement was over.

However, the Ministry wasn’t quite done with him yet. As a single man with no dependents, his life insurance payout would be non-existent, and he was big enough and dumb enough to be welcomed gladly by the RCMC. Several months of retraining later, he was a fully-fledged member of the Werewolf Capture Unit – commonly considered to be the Ministry’s despository for troublesome agents not expected to survive more than five years on the job. Naturally, Max loves it.


16", Oak, Dragon heartstring

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1985-1992

Face Claim

Brock O'Hurn

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