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Ministry of Magic
Alexis Fillion
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Dragon Research & Restraint Senior Officer
10 Apr 1968
PLAYER | twufoo
Some say a rare star appeared in the sky the day Alexis was born, a star that led beast and wise men alike to a rustic dairy farm out in bumfuck nowhere to witness the birth of a child so dynamic, so dangerous, so devastatingly beautiful that the world itself girded its loins upon her arrival.

Alexis Fillion was born to humble beginnings. Her father was a squib, and her mother was a muggle who had recently inherited the family's farm. In her childhood, she was surrounded by brothers and other boys, and in that environment she didn't fend for herself, no. She made others fend themselves from her. As soon as her little baby fingers figured out how to tie a knot, most of the stuffed animals around the house started showing up hogtied for some reason (hint: her). After that, she moved on to the rowdiest of animal and saw each of them as a challenge. From a young age she had a special way with the most intractable, ill-tempered animals around, as if they had somehow sense that an even more alpha animal had entered the room.

Magic was little more than a rumor from her father's side of the family, a curious eccentricity. However, Alexis had been convinced from a young age that it was all true, and she hounded him for any stories he could tell. The day he told her that dragons were real sparked a life long obsession with most dangerous and grandoise of all magical beasts. It was in the search for one such dragon that her magic first manifested in the form of a ~magical~ hogtie in the knick of time. During this delightful misadventure, she also met a kindly old Asian dragon wrangler/kung fu master who offered to take her under his wing. Alexis and her parents gleefully accepted.

When she was finally old enough, her kung fu master/mentor recommended she attend Boorowong Island School of Magic in Australia for its more extensive program in Care of Magical Creatures and dragonology, so she was sent there and sorted into Wake house for the brave. Outgoing, confident, snarky as heck, and exciting to be around, she was immediately popular, though not necessarily well liked due to her bluntness, sprinklings of assholery, and tendency to leave people hogtied. She was a wild, unpredictable young woman, and her love life played like a miniature soap opera. She always seemed to be dating some slightly older boy with an underwear model physique or a partial giant in his blood. At graduation, she got good marks without needing to try terribly hard, and she excelled particularly in the subjects she was interested in: Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, Charms, and Transfigurations.

Following graduation, Alexis went right into work with dragons. Longing to return home to her family, she went off to work as a dragon handler on Emerald Isle Sanctuary, but she soon found the life a bit too boring for her. She wanted to bash some skulls, get out in the field more, and work with dragons, so she transferred over to the dragon wranglers in the research & restraint bureau in the Ministry. Over the years, she steadily progressed to a senior handler. When the Second War came about, she bided her time for all of one week committing a massive act of sabotage that required her to go on the run and hide her family under protective care. Hooking up with some members of the resistance, she managed to use her dragon wrangling skills to dump a few angry, explosively violent dragons on the new regime at inopportune moments and helped the Order of the Phoenix save her sister, Rose.

Since the end of the war, she's returned to her position as a dragon wrangler where she continues to demonstrate badassery above and beyond the call of duty. Though her name has been tossed around as a potential future candidate for the lead position, her unpredictability and tendency at times to be an asshole make her an unfavorable candidate for it.


Sycamore, 15", Phoenix Feather

Educational History

Boorowong Island High School of Magic, Wake, 1979-1986

Face Claim

Rebel Wilson

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