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Bryony Rowle
St. Mungo's
23 Sep 1962
The most important thing in Bryony's life has always been family. Even at a young age, it was clear the girl was a giver. Her own hopes, dreams, and happiness always came second to those around her, and especially to those she loved.

Clearly a gentle and kind soul, Bryony never stood out in a crowd, but was always sweet and well-mannered. Her moral compass was strong and she never failed to do what was right, no matter the consequences. Perhaps it was this that brought her to the attention of Elijah Rowle.

He was handsome, charming, and his feelings for her felt so tangible that it was impossible for her not to fall in love. Her family was more than pleased with the match, and even at the young age of seventeen, after an abnormally fast courtship, they were more than willing to give her away in marriage. And Bryony was happy.

Ready to build a family of their own, the pair wasted no time, and soon enough Bryony was pregnant. Only she wouldn't stay that way for long. A late-term miscarriage was the first major hit to the young couple's marriage, and the two subsequent miscarriages brought the union to its knees. She drowned her sorrows in her studies to become a healer, and performed well.

But then Joseph was born - a saving grace for Bryony and her love. Only it was too little, too late -- like a bandage slapped on a crumbling building. Elijah's eyes soon began to wander, though Bryony lived in happy ignorance of his extracurriculars for several years, until a rumor reached her ears that Elijah had fathered a son with another woman, and with it came the unfortunate truth that Bryony and Elijah's relationship would never be the same.

As her son grew, and his abilities failed to manifest as they should, Elijah became more and more distant, and when it came to light that Joseph was a squib, Elijah stopped pretending. He might as well have left altogether. His disdain for his wife, stemming to his eldest son, was thinly veiled and he had no problem flaunting his illegitimate son in front of them both. And to top it off, he stopped trying to hide his affairs from his wife. After all, it was her fault that their son was a dirty squib.

Still, even through her apparent failure as a pureblood witch, Bryony endured. She remained faithful to a man wholly changed from the one she fell in love with. Now, she focuses her attention on her beloved son, advocating for squib rights, and her work as a healer, doing her best to ignore the scorn of a husband. She finds happiness in the little things, primarily her son's achievements, and that is all that she needs.


Cherry, 6 & 3/4", Dragon Heartstring

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Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1973-1980

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Kate Winslet

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