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Ministry of Magic
Simon Bancroft
Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Assistant Head
11 Nov 1963
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Simon was born into privilege and largesse, and his family came from a combination of old wealth and nouveau rich. Although his great-grandfather had been muggleborn, the right amount of money and some extensive family tree doctoring “revealed” him to have been a long lost relation of Salazar Slytherin, many times removed. Don’t mind the few generations of squibs along the way. Like many other “purebloods,” much of the title was a conceit.

While his parents were not Death Eaters, they were sympathetic to the cause, and many of the people in their social circles were Death Eaters. His father was a senior member of the Wizengamot, and his mother a socialite--a kept woman over a decade younger than her husband. She had the right blood, the right influence, and looked good on his arm. She was loathe to give up her lifestyle and ended up cutting it close on the whole motherhood thing, having Simon at the age of 38.

Life was good for a while. He had the nanny’s full attention, and what little affection his parents had went to him. Then, surprise!--his mother became pregnant again at the age of 44, and his younger sister ruined everything.

Everyone loved her and coddled her while expecting him to be the responsible one, the bigger person. Simon, oh look at how adorable your sister is! Simon, share your chocolates with your sister. Simon, she can’t help that she tore all the pages from your books. She’s just a baby! Simon, you can’t go out with your friends. You have to babysit your sister!

That bitch. All she had to do while giggle and coo and smile, and they’d all turn to putty. Despite how much he loathed her, Simon took care of her, resentfully, responsibly.

Control had always been a big thing for him--of himself, his emotions, and his environment. So, he outwardly composed himself with a veneer of civility, and bottled down much of his anger, resentment, and nagging insecurities. Instead, he channeled that intense aggression into more productive outlets, like work, cleaning, exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise, and, after he hit puberty, other physical activities.

In Hogwarts, Simon was sorted into the Slytherin house. His competitiveness, discipline, and anal retentiveness made him an excellent student, particularly in Charms and Potions. He was a skilled duellist and also took an interest in fencing, which he liked for its precision and aggression. Quidditch was for imbeciles, but it was popular, so he pretended to like it.

There was always talk of the war, especially with the circles his parents ran in. For his part, Simon remained mostly insulated from it except for one incident. During his 7th year in Hogwarts, Simon lured a classmate, a half-blood and the son of a prominent Auror, into the forest outside the school, where the other boy was tortured and murdered by several Death Eaters.

Simon was cleared of all wrongdoing, claiming to have been under the influence of the Imperius curse. Whether that story was true or not, one thing is certain--the fact that his father was on the Wizengamot played a major role in his acquittal

Following graduation, Simon went on to work in the Ministry, taking a job in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, a good fit for his compulsive need to control his environment. He worked first in experimental charms, then transferred to the accidental magic reversal squad and worked his way up to the squad lead. When many of the muggleborns disappeared in the Second War, he took the vacancy as the Assistant Department Head.

During the takeover of the Ministry, Simon vocally, though not vociferously, supported the new policies. However following the war, he revealed a complicated trail of paperwork and legalese that “proved” he had helped a large number of muggleborns hide and escape the country using his multiple investments, listed under various pseudonyms, in different properties and entities.

Most people’s eyes glazed over after reading the first paragraph of his account, but Simon insisted that yes, the proof was really there! And no, he didn’t forge those documents how dare you! In fact, the Wizengamot had reviewed and verified those documents! (Nevermind that his dad still worked there.)

He had recently gotten into relationship with a witch, Nico, but ultimately broke it up when it became serious for a variety of reasons, her halfblooded status among them.


Simon's office is modern and clean. It is so well-decorated and meticulously cleaned that it looks like a show room. He has handsome dark wood desk with and a plush, black leather chair. In front of the desk are two smaller chairs, also in black leather, that are slightly lower in height than his own. A third chair rests against the wall by the door.

Behind the desk, the wall is lined with a handsome console/shelves that display his multiple awards, a collection of books, and reference materials. Pieces of modern, abstract art decorate it, placed with a tasteful, editing eye. There is a single picture of his family and multiple pictures of him meeting with various important people in the wizarding world.

His office has a seating area, with a plush white leather couch, two black armchairs, and a coffee table.



Elm, 11", phoenix feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1974-1981

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Christian Camargo

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