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Ministry of Magic
Jace Frye
Magical Law Enforcement
Hitwizard Specialist: Demolitions
05 Apr 1974
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The Frye family was large and sprawling once, but due to a sudden trend in daughters in more recent years, the branch had all but dwindled down to a select few; Jason Frye being one of them. He was the second oldest; born after a sister, and before two more. His cousin, Oliver, came in and lived with his family when he was pretty young, so Jace had always thought of him as a brother type of figure, and because they were the only two boys in a household of three girls, they were just about lumped together for everything.

His sisters had showed fantastic magical ability right off the bat, while Jace showed... less so. He could do magic sure. And while not frequently, underaged magic tended to occur around him, usually in the form of explosions. Yeah, things just had an uncanny tendency to just blow up around him. It stopped when he started going to Hogwarts, but there he was practicing magic and well, the only difference was that he was intentionally trying to make some magic happen. His spells didn't usually work out the way they were intended, to say the least.

He wasn't dumb; he just wasn't very good at magic, so it took him a little longer than normal to get the hang of spells. So he spent a lot of extra time practicing. Which may have been why he wound up singed. A lot. His burn tolerance has gotten pretty darn tolerant. Regardless, school wasn't all that unusual. He studied a lot, got okay-ish grades. Once or twice snuck into the Hufflepuff dorm for a party. He spent a lot of time outside - where he could practice magic without worrying it would blow up in his face. Or well, without worrying that something would catch fire when it blew up in his face. School wasn't too memorable. Just you know. Potter showing up and Quirrell apparently being a very literal two faced asshole. And the Chamber of Secrets opening seventh year and just about scaring people to metaphorical and almost literal death.

It was his seventh year of school when he started his animagus training. His dad was an animagus - for work, he always vehemently claimed. Though Jace was less than sure of that. Several times he'd walked past his parents bedroom to what could only be identified as animalistic noises. Regardless, once he was of age, his dad began training him to become an animagus and seven years later, after a few mishaps, he'd finished his training.

During that time, he'd also begun Hitwizard training, and between that and working to be an animagus, there really wasn't much time to do anything else. He still read a lot - usually on destructive spells because for whatever reason, those seemed to be the ones he was best at. Probably because things were meant to blow up when you cast them. Hence, it probably was not surprising to anyone when he went on to specialize in demolitions.

He's ashamed to say that he didn't leave the Ministry during the war - but that's not to say he did nothing. While it wasn't a lot, several explosions - which were surprisingly of muggle design went off around a few Snatcher transports. Surprisingly, of course.

In more recent news, he continued working as a Hitwizard, enjoying his job way too much to quit now. So what if every once in a while the Ministry gets attacked by psychopaths? It's his job and he really enjoys blowing things up. Also, let's be real, if he didn't work for the Ministry he'd probably blow up things way too often to not be in jail.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS
CLASSIFIED: The registration information for aurors, hitwizards, and witch watchers is classified.

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Jace's animagus form is a wild dog. Thin, lanky almost, with dark splotches across his legs where the numerous burn scars left their mark on his arms and legs.

Animagus Form Elaboration: Like Jace, wild dogs are loyal, team players. Extremely energetic, they are reliable in times of crisis and tend to have a decent moral compass, choosing to usually do things for the greater good. While not necessarily leaders, they tend to draw people to them and usually have a group of good friends they trust and work with.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Skin Folds -- Having an oversized skin was not fun and he felt all loose and dangly and just downright weird. The visit to the hospital was not a very comfortable one and ever since then he's sure the skin around his left arm was never the way it had been before.

2) Broken Muscles & Bones -- Pain is all he could say for that one. Pain and scars. Having broken that many bones left a plentiful array of scars across his body, and while he can honestly say it was the most painful experience he'd ever gone through, at least it sort of prepped him for Hitwizard life because he can definitely say he's never been in that same amount of pain since then. Compared to that, a stab wound hurts less than a pin prick.

3) Animal Part -- His dad will never forget the day he attempted to transform into his dog state and back and instead wound up his person self with the head of a dog. He doesn't remember it all that well either, just being very uncomfortable because wild dogs have ridiculously tiny heads and to jam that atop his human body was definitely creepy and let's just say he still has nightmares about it.
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Hawthorn, 12", Dragon Heartstring

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1985-1992

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