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Ministry of Magic
Celestino Rosales
Magical Law Enforcement
Witch Watcher
08 Oct 1974
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Agueda and Elipidio only settled back down in their Spanish hometown of Ronda long enough to welcome their child to the world. Much to his parents' surprise, baby Celestino's hair and eyes changed color on a whim. He was a metamorphagus, just like his grandmother. Agueda and Elipidio opted against registering Celestino, as they believed it was the family's business and no one else's. Still, they didn't want to rush back out into the world with a color-changing baby. So they waited for Celestino's shifts in pigment to be more predictable before getting back to their nomadic life.

Agueda was a modern magical anthropologist, while Elpidio studied linguistics. Because his parents believed such work should be done out in the field as opposed to in a cramped study, they were in a constant state of travel. Celestino grew up between Morocco, India, and across the Middle East, picking up the local languages and local cultures along the way.

After eleven years of endless traveling, it took Celestino time to adjust to life at Hogwarts. Being in one place for so long was absolutely maddening. It took help from his housemates to get him to buckle down and study through his first year, and he barely scraped by with passable markings. Thankfully, summer meant being out and travelling once more. As the school years passed it became easier for Celestino to study in such confined conditions, with summers brining much needed relief. He wound up graduating with five NEWTS.

At the recommendation of one of his professors, Celestino decided to look into work at the Ministry. Something that would let him satisfy his need for travel while making a solid difference in the world. A few conversations with MLE officials later, and he found himself in Witch Watcher training. His knack for culture and linguistics were already a plus. When he let his metamorphagus status be known, it gave his candidacy a bit of a boost. Three years of training later, he was official.

He got to utilize all his talents, see the world, and bring bad guys to justice. It was awesome!

Though the honeymoon period was cut short by Death Eaters taking over the Ministry.

Celestino was wedged between a rock and a hard place. He was ordered to infiltrate muggleborn support networks and relay information back to the new Ministry. If he refused or failed, his parents would be killed and he'd be thrown in Azkaban. He spied on the muggleborns, but when it came time to report his findings he couldn't do it. He gave false leads and hoped for the best.

The ruse lasted a few weeks. When he was found out, he played it off as being sudden changes of plan. Maybe they caught wind of the oncoming strike. Maybe they deemed the move too risky. After an hour of torture and one Imperius curse later, the real plans were wrenched out of him. For his deceit, he was given his promised punishment: he watched his parents die before being locked up.

After several hellish months in Azkaban, the war mercifully came to a close. Celestino was so greatly shaken by the experience that he couldn't function. He couldn't use his metamorphagus abilities. He could barely speak. He was a complete wreck. He wanted to resign, but was given three months leave to think it over with intense therapy. It took Celestino a year to fully get back in the swing of things.

Time passed, wounds began to heal.

Now Celestino's running around at full steam, though he is still reliant on regular therapy sessions and prescription potions to keep in functional working condition. Thankfully, he hasn't yet wound up in a position where this has been a threat to his life or career. He hopes to keep it that way.

Celestino recently returned from a mission in Amritsar only to find there had been an attack on the Ministry.

Magical Status Form


CLASSIFIED: The registration information for aurors, hitwizards, and witch watchers is classified.

Power Scope & Limitations:
Celestino is able to shift his height 4 inches either way and can gain or lose 40 pounds of body mass. He can mimic damn near anyone due to intensive and constant training. However, drastic signs of aging such as heavy wrinkles, loose skin, and clouded eyes can be difficult for him to achieve and maintain.

He will adopt certain animal features when appropriate to the situation. For example, when he needs a boost to his hearing to listen in on conversations, he'll opt for feline ears. He also found that detecting peoples' scents with a canine snout is very helpful for tracking targets at a safe distance. He has a few other tricks to enhance his senses as needed, but those are his main go-to animal qualities.

Ever the explorer, Celestino's also put his natural capabilities to use in less practical ways. Like say...morphing his nether region to reflect more exotic aspects of the animal kingdom.

As with all metamorphagi, bouts of depression can make it difficult or impossible for Celestino to shift. Ever since the war he's had to rely on regular therapy sessions and potion use to keep in top form.


Maple 12", Unicorn Hair

Educational History

Hogwarts, Ravenclaw, 1986-1993

Face Claim

Jon Kortajarena

Additional Notes

Patronus: Chameleon

Languages Spoken
Native: Spanish
Fluent: Arabic, English, Hindi
Basic Conversational: French, German, Russian

Due to the nature of his work, Celestino has trained his morphing capabilities rigorously. One of his main exercises is privately learning to take the form of just about every he sees on a regular basis. He's learned to look like a good portion of his MLE colleagues.



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