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Una Oliveira
05 May 1975
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There is no bond quite like the one shared by identical twins and no betrayal quite so deep.

Una and her sister Sofia were the youngest of three siblings. Their mother, Eva was only a child when she was thrown in Kraj Smrti. She grew up behind its walls and was released with the other prisoners in 1963. Completely destitute, an adult with no education, Eva was taken into a refugee community in the Hollows and found work as a waitress there. There, she met Pascoal Oliveira, a Portuguese pureblood who was trying to rebuild the dwindling wealth of his once powerful family. His business connections with the Knights often took him to Junction. When they married, Eva moved with him to Lisbon.

The time in prison had taken a toll on Eva's body, and she had trouble conceiving. After years of heartbreak, they had their first child. The twins immediately after were nothing short of a miracle.

Una and Sofia were inseparable growing up and together formed an unstoppable force of chaos. Sofia more circumspect and Una more reckless and both of them with fire in their guts. The only way to hold them at bay was to play their competitive steaks against one another, which their older brother often did, but the effects were only temporary.

They played in the streets of Lisbon, traveled with their father's business of dealing in rare and often dark artefacts when they could, and in this way saw many different cities in the world. As they grew older, their mother told them the things she had seen in prison, stories that burned indelibly into Una's imagination and filled her with the desire for power. So when it was time to decide which school to join, Una chose Durmstrang and Sofia followed.

Despite Una's lack of discipline, she was intensely focused in subjects that interested her, and became extremely adept in the dark arts classes. Upon graduation, the girls turned to the family business and helped when they could, though the life of globe trotting cursebreakers was what they liked best. They saved chunks of time for travel and partying and getting stupid. During their trips around to various cities, the met the del Rosarios and hit it off right away. After a few straight days of drunken revelry, Una had married the douchebag brother of the family, Diego. It was a horrible failed marriage that they annulled within a week after an exchange involving lots of broken glass.

Still, Una liked the rest of the family and hung out with them when she could. She became particularly close to Desideria and drew both her and her twin closer into dealings with the Knights.. To their horror, Sofia picked up an on again off again relationship with Diego instead.

Una grew more and more involved in Knight activity, getting Sofia to follow suit. At first, Sofia did without question but she became increasingly reserved as she grew closer to Diego. After the war broke out, Sofia informed the resistance of a job she and Una were assigned. When the resistance showed up, Una figured out what had happened fairly quickly. During the fight she turned on her sister and sent a steel rod through her eye before she escaped. Sofia survived with partial hemiplegia.

After the war ended, Sofia had implicated their family's business. Their mother managed to escape to the safety of the Hollows in time, but their father and brother were imprisoned in Azkaban. While their brother managed to escape during the jailbreak, their father was killed.

Since then Una has thrown herself into the cause with zeal, eager to burn anything in her path.


Blackthorn. 13", dragon heartstring

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Durmstrang, 1986-1993

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Natalie Morales

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