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Ministry of Magic
Olivia Doherty
Department of Mysteries
12 May 1978
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Emma Scott and Charlie Doherty had been warned strange things might happen. That had probably been the reason why the young couple chose that one baby over others who, quite honestly, looked all very much the same. It was not that the Scott-Dohertys were particularly strange themselves, but mostly that they were wealthy, young and bored, and felt they had to prove to the world they were definitely not like their parents. Still, when strange things came, they were prepared. They contacted who they were told to contact, Emma Scott managed to keep any remarks on how owls were damaging the economy by putting mailmen out of work to a minimum, and they both cared for their little girl the best they could and gave her the best money could buy.

Yet, they were not completely agreeing. Incapable of finding reasonable arguments for why their magical child should be deprived of the world she clearly belonged to, Emma and Charlie frowned deeply at the new-age feel of the whole deal. They were reasonable, intelligent people, and while they were certainly prepared and open minded enough to not fall to despair as a magical child shook their entire belief system, they feared for the education she would get. Raised with the easiness of flicking a wand to do her will, wouldn’t the more important questions pass her by unnoticed?

Their rigorous words and methods could only half reach Olivia when she moved away. While even though young she would read their letters attentively and take everything they wrote into consideration, her parents became a sort of omniscient background during her years at Hogwarts. Trapped between the two worlds, she grew up in a particular type of freedom. And so, away from the conservative spirits of the Scott-Dohertys, Olivia grew up in a sort of oblivious happiness while, systematically corresponding with their inquiring minds, she grew, more than anything else, curious.

When things started to get messy it was Emma Scott who took the wheel. Reading through her daughter's words and in between the lines of the newspapers, it was the mum anthropologist who took the decision to leave. With the care of enrolling her daughter in the Colegio Ilvermorny de Magia y Hechicería so she could properly finish her education, Emma found herself a scholarship to study the native tribes of Peru.

An year later, so did Olivia. Almost accidentally stepping over what she would quickly understand was the most fascinating piece of magic she would ever witness, Olivia focused all the potential of her curiosity on the creepy yet almost beautiful shrunken heads the most obscure tribes produced. Still, both she and her mother kept an eye on London and, when the years overcame the amazement both felt for their work, the two women came back.

Having kept in touch with both her schools, peers and professors during those seven years, Olivia's path led her to continue her research working for the Department of Mysteries and, back home, she has never been so excited.


Vine wood, eleven inches, phoenix feather

Educational History

Hogwarts and Colegio Ilvermorny de Magia y Hechicería, Hufflepuff, 1989-1995

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Naomi Shimada

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