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Pomona Sprout
Faculty | Head of Hufflepuff
Professor of Herbology
15 May 1941
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Pomona Sprout was the second eldest child of five, born to halfblooded witch who had married a squib disowned from his wealthy pureblood family. Her mother was a professor of charms at Hogwarts, and her father was a gentle man who spent his days taking care of the children, attending domestic chores, and cultivating their garden. In addition to medicinal herbs, he planted a good deal of mood altering ones, which had been a way to cope with his own disappointment over his lack of magic.

Pomona had a vibrant childhood, filled with laughter and play from her siblings. Convivial and gregarious, she got along with nearly everyone and was the heart of her family. From early on, she loved spending time with her father in the garden, and before long she knew how to care for each and every plant. Also, a number of the plants were quite appealing to young curious children, and they spent a good number of afternoons giggling and chewing leaves. By the time she left for Hogwarts, she was teaching her younger siblings the ins and outs of each plant.

A Hufflepuff through and through, the hat called out her house before it even touched her head. She was a good student, though her greatest passion by far was in herbology. Friendly without pretense, Pomona was popular within her house and had a good number of friends in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and even Slytherin. Though she tried out for Quidditch under pressure of her friends, she wasn't a strong enough flier for it and was quite happy cheering her friends on from the stands instead. Though puberty didn't gift her with height, it did give her some generous curves, and she had a rather prolific romantic life.

Following graduation, Pomona traveled abroad to study plants on different continents. She had very little money for this sabbatical and simply trusted that things would work themselves out, which resulted in her sleeping on strangers' couches, duplicating a single sandwich for an entire week's worth of food, and trading spliffs and other herbal goods for money, food, shelter, or entertaining conversation.

During this time she published several books and attracted the attention of the Department of Mysteries regarding some of her more curious finds. She married once and divorced with no children, though it was a tribal marriage and there was no record of it and really it only lasted for a few months. Then she married again and divorced again. And again, and the third time it seemed to stick.

After a year long honeymoon, Pomona returned to teach at Hogwarts in 1967. She had two children shortly afterwards practically on the eve of the first wizarding war. Concerned for the safety of her children, she did not actively participate in the war except to provide some special plants to those that opposed Voldemort, such as mandrake bombs, devils snare, and other tactically useful plants.

By the time the war was over, one of her siblings had died in the conflict, and her husband had been killed as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pomona was also promoted to the head of Hufflepuff and head of the herbology department. Unassuming yet eccentric in certain views and often seen covered in dirt, she was known as a cheerful and relaxed professor. Though she wasn't afraid to discipline her students when necessary, she was generally more lenient on punishment. Among Hufflepuff house students, she was known to freely answer a number of questions including those regarding sex education, often to hilarious results. Pomona also had a reputation for growing the best grass, which ingratiated her particularly to Dumbledore.

As time progressed Pomona saw her children grow and became a grandmother, an event which filled her with joy. She never took another husband, though she did resume dating. When the Second War came around, Pomona took a more active role than she had during the previous war and fiercely defended the school and its students.


Pear, 9", unicorn hair

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1952-1959

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Nichelle Nichols

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