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Ministry of Magic
Floyd Gravel
Magical Law Enforcement
Patrol Officer
01 Apr 1976
5' 10"
PLAYER | Jeffrey
Floyd's name wasn't always Floyd. Gravel wasn't always his last, either. Nor was he actually born on April 1st. But that's when they found him. The Aurors.

There were three of them. They were investigating a burned down house that belonged to a elderly man, a former auror himself. It was clearly the work of Voldemort's followers. Years later they would find the one who had actually committed the crime and that man spent the rest of his life in Azkaban.

Floyd, as an infant, was lying on the floor of the kitchen of said house, crying. There were no signs that a baby lived in the house, or that the elderly man had any children, much less grandchildren. The Aurors took him to the Ministry, where he was given to a family to be cared for. While one of the Aurors wanted to name him 'Fool', it was left to the family who adopted him.

The Gravels, an American family who had moved to England years before adopting Floyd, never lied to him about where he came from (or what they knew of where he came from), but treated him as one of their own regardless.

He did his best to disappoint them at every turn. He got into fights just for the sake of getting into fights. He swore. He broke things.

When it was time for Floyd to go to wizarding school (boy were they happy to find out that he was indeed a wizard), the Gravels sent him, as they did their other two children, to Ravenwood in America.

They constantly got reports of Floyd getting into fights and generally causing all kinds of trouble. Over his time there, there were four separate threats of expulsion.

He managed to barely skirt off all of them, though.

He graduated (again, barely) and came back to England. He immediately applied to the Ministry to be an Auror.

Didn't happen.

This irritates him.


Ash, 11 7/8", unicorn hair

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1987-1994

Face Claim

Noah Segan

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