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Ministry of Magic
Parvati Patil
Magical Law Enforcement
03 Jan 1980
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Every day of Hogwarts' occupation, Parvati woke up early to braid her hair and apply a full face of makeup. Battle armour; razor-winged eyeliner sharp enough to slit a throat; gold earrings and spike-heeled shoes that raised her ten feet tall. The school didn't make her feel safe any more, not after the first time she found herself crumpled on the floor at the feet of a teacher, twitching and screaming as the torture curse burned like acid through her nerves. But in those first few minutes of the day, in front of that mirror, she was invincible.

She still performs that same comforting ritual, but now it's at a little vanity table in the apartment she shares with Lavender. Neither of them are the girls they used to be in so many ways; they still giggle and pore over fashion magazines and keep a crystal ball reverently on a shelf in their living room from a time when they wanted so desperately to believe that they had a bright future - but now they have roadmaps on their skin and the blazing fights of lovers and a silent agreement to never talk about that time.

After the final battle, she accepted the Ministry's offer of Auror training. It wasn't the path she ever thought she'd take, right up until the moment she walked into that marbled foyer, still clinging to some childish ambition of making the world a better place in easy, sanitised ways that belied the fact she'd killed a man at sixteen and that wasn't even considered shocking in their society.

Parvati hoped for some kind of peace if she just worked toward it with enough determination - after all, people kept telling her the war was over. They continued to die though, that much hadn't changed. And the other Aurors, the ones that hadn't been children in their first battles, weren't what she expected either; somewhere along the line the occupation had become a joke, a safe haven for purebloods that fell into the cracks between respectable and rich.

Giving up isn't something that had ever come naturally to Parvati however, and so despite her doubts, she completed her training and made full Auror just in time for the Ministry's near-obliteration at the hands of Voldemort's next generation. She's almost numb to it now, the constant conveyor of danger only present in her ingrained reactions and her inability to sleep more than a few hours without twitching awake suddenly, certain the world is ending.

It's hard to say, some days, whether she's happy. She's lucky to have lost less than others, and she knows that; it's part of the reason they don't talk about it, because it's enough to acknowledge that it could have been so much worse. But war, even one as short as theirs, leaves imprints that don't fade. Sometimes, she just wishes she knew for sure whether the rest of Dumbledore's surviving army find it so hard to cope.


Pear, 11", Phoenix tailfeather

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1991-1998

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Nidhi Sunil

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