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Ministry of Magic
Laila Elkadi
On-Site St. Mungo's Clinic
08 Aug 1974
PLAYER | Belle
Laila grew up in Rwanda, a country of large scale poverty and constant political upheaval. She was one of the fortunate few whose family was high up in the government, and though she personally never had to concern herself with the deprivation around her, it was still there, a constant reminder of what could be.

At the age of seven, she performed her first feat of accidental magic when she stopped an unattended pan of boiling water falling from the stove and onto her younger brother. The fear of magic and the superstition behind it meant that the magical government in Rwanda were quick to react, sending someone to explain things to the family and emphasise to Laila the importance of keeping her emotional equilibrium, especially in public.

Her parents never quite regarded her in the same way after that.

The car carrying her parents and brother was blown up in 1985 by her father's political rivals. Concerned for her wellbeing, Laila's grandmother sent her to live with a distant aunt in London, unaware of her magical status.

Two years after coming to the UK, Laila started at Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff. For a long time, she struggled to fit in with her new, predominantly British friends, whose language and culture mystified her. Fortunately though, her housemates were mostly decent, kind people, and she soon acclimated.

Upon graduation, Laila returned to Rwanda where she started medical training. The civil war began shortly after that, locking the country into a conflict and resultant genocide. What family she had there begged her to return to the UK, but she had watched the magical world stand aside whilst her own people died, and she refused, signing herself up to the RPF where she served as both a trainee medic and a soldier, using her magic in defiance of Rwanda's magical council who had elected not to interfere in what they saw as the muggle war.

It was an unforgivable decision. Finally, in late 1994, after a public display of offensive magic in Gitarama to drive back the invading Interahamwe forces, Laila was apprehended by the council and sentenced to twenty years' imprisonment for putting the magical world in danger. However, though they snapped her wand, one of her former family friends - a fellow muggleborn who had also been caught up on the wrong side of the war, and who by then worked for the council - helped her to escape from custody.

Laila fled back to England and went into hiding. Mere months after, the Second Wizarding War began.

Reconnecting with her old school friends, she joined the Rabble Alliance in its early stages as a field medic in training and soldier, bringing all her experience in her home country to bear against the Death Eaters who were, in her eyes, no better than the government she had just watched slaughter their own people.

Many of the others in her resistance group died in an attack - Davis, Saffron, Naomi - and those who were left found themselves breaking apart. Gen was cast out, Camelia went her own way, and after an apocalyptic fight with Liam, Laila left the UK to complete her medical training in America.

She worked overseas for many years, hopping from country to country, her subscription to the Daily Prophet keeping her informed of the news from home. Finally, in mid-2004, she saw an advertisement for medical staff to join the Ministry clinic.

It felt like an omen, so she applied and was accepted.

Tall and narrow, Laila looks quite fragile but is actually very fit and works out on a regular basis. She wears fitted outfits that provide full skin coverage and coordinates her hijab to match, always appearing neat, put together, and feminine, and never in the same clothing twice.

She is very fond of makeup and accessories, and likes to always be seen with a flawless face, winged eyeliner, and an eye-catching piece of jewellery, handbag, or pair of glasses.

Those who have seen her without her hijab will know that she has long, silky black hair to her waist which requires a lot of magical upkeep. Under her clothes, she also has several scars from the wars she's been in, but almost no one has ever seen them.


15", Black Walnut, Phoenix tailfeather

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1985-1992

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Basma Kahie

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