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Ministry of Magic
Dominic Santos
Magical Law Enforcement
Witch Watcher Trainee
11 Apr 1977
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Dominic's parents were among the refugees who fled the Angolan War of Independence with Portugal in 1967, working their way across Africa and Europe until they reached the UK where the government's resettlement program deposited them in Pembrokeshire, Wales. His father, who had previously served as a trainee commercial pilot with the state-owned airline, immediately signed up with the RAF where he began fast jet pilot training at RAF Pembrey and was later deployed in the Falklands War.

Both Dominic and his brother Christopher - the elder by two years - grew up in Castlemain, where they spent their time surfing at Freshwater West, and where Dominic gained a life-long obsession with the sport. When they weren't catching waves, they were hanging around the area's AFV ranges, observing the British Army gunners and imagining their own futures as military heroes.

Throughout his childhood, there were small signs of Dom's burgeoning magical powers, but he always just assumed it was a mixture of luck and skill that spared him the worst potential injuries of a rambunctious boy with a thirst for danger. However, the letter from Hogwarts categorically disproved that, and he couldn't have been more excited. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Christopher had been a wizard too.

At Hogwarts, Dom was sorted into Hufflepuff which suited his sociable, easy-going nature and relative lack of academic interest. He did well in practical, hands-on subjects like COMC and DADA, but abysmally in more precise classes, especially Potions and History of Magic. In his third year, he took Muggle Studies as an elective, figuring that it would be interesting to see his own world from a magical perspective - as well as an easy grade - and it was there that he gained a love of the show Seinfeld, the viewing of which the young professor once set as a summer assignment.

From his third to fifth year, Dom was joined by Shazad Athari who became one of his closest friends. They remained in contact throughout school, and met up after graduation along with with a group of five others to travel around the world. Dom had no idea what he wanted to do with his life at that point; Christopher had joined the military as they'd once planned, but Dom couldn't imagine such a restrictive regime after his time at school.

In the summer of 1996, Dom received word from home that Christopher, along with half his unit, had been killed during an incident in the West Country that was later revealed to be linked to the Death Eaters. He returned to the UK where he took up the fight as part of the resistance against Voldemort.

Short as the war was, the losses were high, and the toll on the survivors a lasting one. After Voldemort's defeat and the disbanding of the Rabble Alliance, Dom took off. He hopped from coast to coast throughout Australia, South Africa, California, and Hawaii, chasing waves and supporting himself in competitions and brief stints of teaching holidaying casuals. For several years, he worked as a High Risk Environment Guide with a company offering extreme holidays, including volcano jumping, white water rafting, heli-skiing, and tours of active warzones.

When his mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in late 2001, he returned to the UK and got a job as a Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee Member at the Ministry, working under former Lead, Genevieve Eldritch, who had been part of the Rabble Alliance during the war.

The Ministry soon proved to be one of the most dangerous places to work. First, the jailbreak, and then Genevieve's death in 2002, and Dom was beginning to reconsider his place in the magical world. His experiences during and since the war had taught him that extreme sports weren't the only things he was capable of doing, and all the signs were pointing towards a large-scale resurgence of pureblood ideology.

Following the trial disaster at the end of 2002, Dominic finally applied and was accepted as a Witch Watcher trainee. Despite his late start in the department, his background in lying to muggles, worldliness, language skills, and ingrained fearlessness have helped him to progress quickly.


A fun-loving daredevil, Dom doesn’t take life too seriously. He loves meeting new people and making friends, and would rather engage in something active and social than hole up at home with a book.

Slow to anger and quick to forgive, he makes few enemies, and those that do end up on his bad side have to have done something truly egregious to push him that far.

When it comes to romantic relationships, he doesn't put a high value on monogamy and looks for the same kind of flexibility from his partners, which sometimes doesn’t work out as well as he’d hope.

Not one for talking about his feelings, it can sometimes be hard to parse Dom’s exact emotions, though he regards himself to be an open book. Whether he’s happy or not, he usually appears happy, which can come off as insincere but is as much a protective strategy as anything.

Tall and wiry, Dom is naturally lean, though he has a decent amount of muscle and is surprisingly strong. His habit of wearing oversized clothes makes him look even thinner than he is, and his fashion sense tends to run to baggy jeans, colourful t-shirts, voluminous hoodies, and workboots. He wears his locs tied back out of his face, and uses magic to keep them tamed where otherwise he’d be too lazy to bother and have shaved his head by now.

Under his clothes, Dom has several significant tattoos and a huge number of scars from his many dangerous jobs and, of course, from the war - all of which are quite rare among Witch Watchers, but he came into the occupation late, and is still trying to learn to keep himself out of harm's way.


Dom's room in his shared Mews apartment is a largely impersonal space due to how many times he's moved over the years. He's done a minimal amount to make it look homely with a few cushions and a rug, mostly for the parade of girls that stay there, but there are no family pictures or other signs of his character in it.

Inside his closet, he keeps a small capsule wardrobe of suits and casualwear, and the second half of the space is devoted to his surfboard and maintenance kit, camping gear, and other sports items.

There are a few muggle weapons hidden inside his room, but they are concealed with magic and not known to anyone else who lives there.


As an operative who never stops eating, Dom's desk is a veritable cornucopia of snacks. He has a mosaic glass bowl filled with candies, the drawers stuffed with chips and granola bars, and there's often an open box of donuts in his vicinity. This goes some way to disguising the lack of personalisation of the space, since Dom hasn't bothered with anything like pictures or collectibles, and his desk is furnished only with a couple of file towers, a pen pot, and an ever-rotating stack of reports.



13", Oak, Dragon heartstring

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1988-1995

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Joey Bada$$

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