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Luca D'Adamo
Blanche Neville School
Biology Professor
07 Dec 1977
PLAYER | Heather
Luca was born to two loving, doting parents who had recently moved from Rome to London. When he was born, it was apparent fairly quickly that he had no hearing. The doctors mentioned an "in-the-works" hearing project that would be ready for general population in a few years, called a cochlear implant, but his parents opted out of the experimental tests. In their eyes, their little boy was perfect.

Growing up, Luca's parents learned British Sign Language (BSL) with him. In addition to learning BSL, Luca learned to write in both English and Italian. When he turned 6, his parents got him enrolled at the Frank Barnes Primary School for Deaf Children in London. In addition to his regular primary school classes, he took BSL primary classes as all children did.

After primary school, Luca attended a hearing secondary school, named Regent High School. Here, he developed his lip-reading skills as he did not always have an interpreter handy for classes, but he was still expected to understand. In addition to his regular secondary classes, he continued his BSL classes from primary school, added written language classes, and took a few Deaf education classes. However, his favorite class by far was biology. Something about the subject fascinated him. Maybe it was the portion about genetics and, despite his family having no history of deafness, he was born deaf. Maybe it was the fact that biology was a quiet subject, one a person could study in peace. Whatever it was, he enjoyed it immensely. So much so that he decided he wanted to do something with biology when he graduated from secondary school.

In secondary school, Luca had many friends. He had Deaf friends from his primary school and hearing friends from his secondary school. The two sides didn't always see eye to eye on everything, but Luca was there to mediate. It helped him develop a strong patience in stressful situations.

Following secondary school, Luca attended a new branch of the American university, Gallaudet, a university specifically for Deaf students, that had just opened in London and focused on the use of BSL, rather than ASL. As a high schooler, Luca had helped other students, younger students, with their homework, explaining concepts to them and showing them how to figure out problems. It was this moment he knew he wanted to be a teacher, and so a teaching degree in biology was what he pursued at Gallaudet.

Once he graduated, he had immediately begun applying at Deaf schools in and around London, even sending a few to remote English locations. He got a call form the Blanche Neville School for the Deaf, who was looking for a new biology professor to teach when the school built their second location and expanded their program. And so, just two months out of graduation and with a job, Luca began working as a Biology Professor, and was still loving it after three years. And it had gotten easier over time.

In addition to biology, Luca enjoys reading, where he can immerse himself in a good book and not return to the hearing world for a while. He also enjoys attending concerts or playing music through his flat as he cleans, tidies, or grades assignments from his students. He likes the vibrations he can feel through the floor and pulsing around him. He likes to go out with friends to pubs for beers and to watch sports. He's not picky on the sport, since he likes basketball, la crosse, rugby, football, and occasionally American football. He also likes to watch movies either at home or in the theaters.

Being Deaf is something that is very close to Luca's heart. It is a part of what has made him who he is today and he is proud of that. As a Deaf person, he uses BSL as his primary language and form of communication. However, despite his pride of his Deafness, he does carry a small notebook and pen with him everywhere, a habit formed during secondary school that's carried over. He recognizes that he is a Deaf person living in a hearing world and despite how cool it would be for everyone to know BSL, not everyone does, and the notebook helps when he needs to communicate with someone who does not know BSL.

Educational History

Gallaudet University, 1996-2000

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Nyle DiMarco

Additional Notes

Deaf; uses BSL
Knows English and Italian

Frank Barnes School 1984-1989
Regent H.S. 1989-1996



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