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17 Jun 1982
Penny Lane Pillar was born to a teenage muggle during the heat wave of June 1982. The young mother, Donna, named her blonde baby girl after her favourite song, Penny Lane by the Beatles. Though her mother was young, Penny's grandparents took pity on the girl and assisted Donna in raising their grandchild "right".

The high demands of normalcy in Donna's parents' home was unbearable. The pressure to be a perfect child, student, and mom was too much for her to handle. and so Donna abandoned her baby, leaving Penny in the care of her grandparents.

A good and proper upbringing was what the Pillar's had intended for their granddaughter, but even as an infant, Penny showed signs of peculiar behaviour. When ill, Penny would emit steam from her ears to alleviate fever. Penny's ability to levitate and attract items she wanted off the highest shelves made her grandparents sure that Penny would never be normal.

The answers arrived July of 1993 when Penny's acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was delivered by owl. The young girl of 11's bright blue eyes lit up with excitement! She wasn't just an unwanted troublesome girl raised by her grandparents, but a witch!

At Hogwarts, Penny was sorted into Gryffindor and enjoyed all of her classes, particularly Charms and Care of Magical Creatures.

1997, life at Hogwarts drastically changed. Naive about the intentions of Delores Umbridge and the Muggleborn Registration Commission, Penny properly registered upon arrival at Hogwarts for her fourth year of study. Expecting to join the feast and view the sorting as normal, Penny unfortunately never made it past the Entrance Hall. Herded like cattle with other classmates who registered with her, Penny was forced on her first portkey journey to the Ministry of Magic.

Penny's hearing in front of the Commission was relatively short. Grouped with three other females in her year, Penny was barely able to speak to the biased questions. Ms. Pillar's wand was snapped and she was sent to Azkaban.

Penny has blocked out many memories of her one year's time in prison. Being drained daily by dementors, hearing the tortured screams of others, and the poor living conditions still plague Penny by night and haunt her by day. Keeping her nose down and voice silent, Penny kept to her cell and stayed out of trouble.

Penny's reinstatement of magical status and Hogwarts letter came at the fall of Voldemort's power. Ready to continue her magic education, Penny purchased her ticket on the Hogwarts Express with the last knuts she had in her name. Penny still had a slight tremor in her wand arm (fear and lasting effects from the dementors presence) which lowered her OWLs significantly in fifth year. Her dreams to excel in charms vanished as Penny could no longer control the finely-tuned wrist movements the intricate advanced charms needed. Her dream of dragon handling at Emerald Isle would never be achieved. This missed school year put Penny and other Muggleborns behind, putting Penny Pillar in the class of 2002.

It has been a year since Penny's graduation. Determined to make it on her own as a witch, Penny has applied for an intern position within the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She may never be able to work with Dragons, but Penny is determined to care and be a voice for misunderstood creatures in the wizarding world. Awaiting room allotment within the Ministry Mews housing, Penny is bringing home a regular paycheck working at Ministry Munchies serving food, coffee, and doing whatever errands assigned by her superiors.


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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1993-2002

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Clare Bowen

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