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Ministry of Magic
Edmund Prince
Senior PI Clerk
07 Dec 1971
As the eldest of six children, Edmund Clarion Prince grew accustomed to being listened to at a very young age. His younger siblings were instructed to follow his commands and trust in his decisions. They viewed him as something of a benevolent dictator: stern, no-nonsense, and distant. He didn’t often play with them. He merely ensured that they did what they were supposed to do and stayed out of trouble.

Being a member of an extremely wealthy family meant that Edmund always had access to whatever he wanted, and that contributed to developing his deep-seated sense of entitlement. On top of their luxurious financial situation, Edmund’s parents frequently extolled the virtues of blood purity, but they did so with a paternalistic twist that meant they were easily mistaken for being more soft-hearted than they actually were: According to them, pureblooded witches and wizards were more talented, more intelligent, and more blessed than other magical folk, and that meant they had a responsibility to help those less fortunate than them. Instead of hatred and loathing, Edmund’s parents taught him to view muggles and impure witches and wizards with pity. They knew no better. It was the magical version of “The White Man’s Burden.”

They would have been ashamed to learn how Edmund behaved when he was off at Hogwarts. He was popular and “well-liked” due to his family’s social status, and that made Edmund feel untouchable. He bullied those of impure blood status, and also any purebloods who were awkward in some way or who struck him as “blood traitors.” He wasn’t physically or magically violent, but Edmund had a sharp, poisonous tongue that he used to shame people and cut them down. He was pretty much a dick during his years at Hogwarts.

In reality (although he would never admit it), Edmund was overcompensating for the fact that he was completely lackluster at magic. It didn’t make sense. He was a pureblood, for crying out loud! Why was he not exceptional at magic? It didn’t help the situation at all when, at the beginning of his fourth year, his sister started at Hogwarts and turned out to be a natural at pretty much everything. That just turned Edmund into even more of a jerk. His parents hired special tutors to work with him, but not even that could make his skills any better than average.

He didn’t become Prefect. Obviously, he didn’t become Head Boy. Edmund didn’t become anything special during his tenure at Hogwarts, and he hated that fact. He didn’t have the test scores to be able to do anything exciting and magical so, after graduation, he applied for work in administration at the Ministry of Magic. He was hired as a PI clerk, which provided him with opportunities that would determine the nature of his future.

Despite not being particularly good at magic, Edmund was good at his job. He had always been stellar with gossip: figuring out what was happening, passing it on when necessary and keeping it quiet if that was the appropriate thing to do. Having his finger on the pulse of the Ministry and helping to decide what got out and what didn’t? It suited him perfectly. And, oh, the rumblings were interesting. Voldemort was gone, but that didn’t mean his followers were. Discontent was everywhere, and part of Edmund’s job was to keep track of it.

By 1992, the undercurrents of blood purity were really picking up pace, spurred by whispers that Voldemort might not actually be as far gone as people had believed. Being more sympathetic to the Death Eater cause than his parents would have wanted to know, Edmund occasionally took the opportunity to pass information on to certain less-than-savory characters. He was careful with his meddling, and he didn’t do very much of it. Around that time, Edmund’s parents introduced him to the young pureblooded woman they intended for him to marry.

Marriage didn’t change Edmund’s life much. What really mattered was the actual return of Voldemort in 1995. Edmund was never officially a Death Eater. He didn’t put on the mask, he didn’t join the circle, and he never once raised his wand in an act of dark magic. What he did was pass information along, and he did so with quiet subtlety under the veil of aliases.

When the Ministry fell, Edmund maintained his job and continued doing what he had been doing, only now it was under the guise of “just following orders.” And after the good guys won, that was what Edmund and countless other Ministry employees maintained. He had just been following orders. He hadn’t been brave enough to fight back, to stand up for what was right. Oh, and how he regretted his cowardice. How he appreciated the brave men and women who had done what he wasn’t strong enough to do. How he wished he could have been among their ranks. How he respected them.

Life now is just plain boring compared to how it was in the years prior to and during the war. Edmund has two small children at home, but he prefers to spend his time out cheating on his wife. And buried somewhere deep in his chest is that little spark of hope that, someday, the defenders of blood purity will rise again.


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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1983-1990

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