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Ministry of Magic
Teddie Doolittle
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Beastmaster Trainee
05 Jan 1984
Teddie grew up in a world of balance, where the weights between muggle and wizard were evenly displaced. From an early age, the boy was given a healthy equality between the muggle family that his father came from, and the magical heritage that his mother provided. He saw the beauty of both sides. He saw the beauty of balance.

However...others didn't see it that way. It was around his tenth birthday when a letter for him was sent. A letter from a wizarding school far away from his small London flat. A letter from Hogwarts. Of course he took the opportunity, why wouldn't he of? Despite his excitement and overgrowing respect for the school, however...he found that others did not see the beauty of balance like him. Some students at the school came from families of pure blood, some children had never even gone to a proper muggle school...and they spoke down on the non-magic types. They acted as if those that couldn't fly a broom should attempt to fly one straight off a cliff...

Teddie grew to be the shy type, somewhat nervous to speak with others due to fears of reveaingl that he had grown up in a house that was half muggle, that he had attended a non-magical school, that he didn't live in an amazing castle....just an apartment in London that was a bit too small for three people. He only wished that they could get along, that muggleborns and purebloods weren't split down the middle by some ridiculous rope.

It was no surprise that he made it into Hufflepuff.

Teddie's thoughts on balance and equality were tested from the moment he entered the academy, due to the unfortunate coincidence of Dolores Umbridge being newly introduced to the school at the same time. Her views on muggle borns, half bloods, anything less than pure slowly seeped into the curriculum. Eventually, after a few years...and the darker that things grew, it became impossible for Teddie to remain at Hogwarts.

Times were rough for those that lacked pure blood, and with the advice of his parents, they went into hiding. Teddie acted as if he were a muggle, and he watched in secrecy as the wizarding world turned inside out on itself. At once, all seemed hopeless. Voldemort was in control, muggle-borns were being hunted like cows to the slaughter....he could feel the hot breath of death ease its way closer and closer to him....

But it changed one day.

His mother was the one to tell him, the boy who had been hiding in his closet, wrapped in blankets, wand shakingly held in his hand as he was sure that the Death Eaters, the servants of 'He Who Shall Not Be Named' had found him. But instead, his mother, warm and embracing, announced the news she'd received. There had been a battle. A battle at Hogwarts....and they had won. Voldemort was defeated.

From then on, Teddie returned to the school, and though delayed, he finished his education. He'd still had pangs of paranoia and fear, but found a hobby in taking care of the animals the school housed. He found animals to be soothing, creatures that understood balance. Creatures that in one way or another, understood him.

After a year of silence, Teddie re-emerged in the wizarding world as an employee of the Ministry of Magic. He would make an effort to make the world a better place, even if all he could do was handle animals well. As a Beastmaster, Teddie took on the responsibility of keeping balance between Beast and Wizards...and perhaps, he could do more as time went on.
Soft Spoken, Shy, Wrapped up in his Beasts. Those are a few of the phrases that people use for the bearded Beastmaster. Teddie is a rather un-sociable fellow, though not by his own volition. He does not dislike people, so much as he finds conversation and discussion with unfamiliar faces a difficulty.

Despite this, getting him to talk about his interests, such as Mythical Animals and Deserts is a step in the right direction....and if you manage to become friendly with the man, you will see a blooming personality that holds kindness, sweetness, and playfulness.

However, Teddie also holds paranoia, anxiety, and latent defeatism within himself. He sees himself as rather unimportant and useless, with his only abilities being animal husbandry. Take that away from him, and the bearded wonder sees himself as less then worthless, which results in him giving up before anything has been lost....but perhaps all he needs is someone's support.
Teddie stands quite tall at 6 feet and 3 inches in height, with broad shoulders and a moderate build.

His hair color could be described as 'dirty blonde, with a light golden twist.' His eyes are a shade of vibrant teal-green.

What most people recognize about Teddie is his impressive beard, which he jokingly says is the result of holding his wand to close to his body, with the tip touching his chin. He calls it the side-effects of 'Magical Radioactive Waves.'

For all we know, he may not be far off.






Thanks to the maternal side of Teddie's family, one of his many Aunt's offered him a large apartment to stay in, with fairly low rent. The situation is quite nice, but he's still getting the hang of basic wizarding house upkeep.



Alder, 11 1/2 inches, Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Hufflepuff, 1995-2002

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Ricki Hall

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