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Douglas Warren
Wizarding Wireless Network
11 Nov 1969
An only child, Doug was born in 1969 on a failing sheep farm to a pair of farmers. When he was about eight years old, they finally gave up and sold the farm for what little they could get for it at that point. Thus little Doug went through the huge change of moving from a farm to the city life of London. It was a harsh adjustment, and he didn't take it all that well. The other kids at his new school found his country bumpkin ways hilarious, and he always went home directly after school to drown his loneliness in books.

When his Hogwarts letter arrived, none of them knew what to make of it. At first, they ignored it as a prank, but as more kept arriving, it started to become clear that something was really going on. A school representative took them to Diagon Alley and made vague, disconcerting comments about how it might be dangerous for Doug, and how things had only just changed for the better. His parents requested more details, but they didn't share what they learned with their son, as much as he begged them to.

Hogwarts was amazing! Doug immediately met another first-year Ravenclaw named Cara Mullin, and they stuck together. The two devoured their schoolbooks, studied together, and thrived on the academic atmosphere. Their favorite place was the library. They fit into their House wonderfully, and Doug was grateful. Soon enough, he also made friends with a Gryffindor boy named Caleb. What with Caleb and Cara and his schoolwork, Doug had it made.

Around the time Doug started to hit puberty, a few things happened to complicate his life. His mother died suddenly in a freak train accident, and Doug figured out that he was attracted to boys. When he went home for his mother's funeral, he secretly snatched some of her clothes and brought them back to Hogwarts with him. He stopped wearing regular boys' undershirts under his uniform and replaced them with his mother's camisoles. It was comforting to the grieving boy.

Cara didn't mind that Doug was gay and was getting more and more into wearing women's clothing. Unfortunately, Cara was getting increasingly involved with Sully and had less time to spend with Doug. So he started to shift his friendship dependence more heavily onto Caleb, and when they were sixth-years, Doug came out to him. Caleb didn't take it as well as Cara had, and they had an ugly falling-out shortly thereafter.

Despite having lost one of his best friends, Doug held it together and graduated with quite a few NEWTs. Given the way that he thirsted for knowledge and loved knowing everything about the world, getting into the news was an obvious next step. At first, he was just writing and planning for WWN, but after two years of that he snagged an audition and impressed the higher-ups with his smooth, confident speaking voice and his fluent reading.

Doug was about twenty years old when he found himself a steady boyfriend and finally worked up the guts to go out to a drag club. Bit by bit, he experimented more: with makeup, and with women's undergarments, and then moving on to wigs and dresses and heels. Eventually, Doug was going out in full drag three to four nights every week, and he still does. He eventually broke up with the boyfriend, but he has no intentions of leaving the drag behind.

When it became clear that Voldemort was back and things were getting more and more dangerous, Doug started taking extra precautions, but he tried to keep living his life as normally as possible. He didn't leave his job until it became clear that the Ministry and, by extension, WWN were about to fall to the Death Eaters. He got out just in time and, having made a name for himself in the world of wizarding radio, ended up functioning in an advisory capacity on Potterwatch. He helped keep the connections going and guided the young rebels in producing emotionally powerful reports. There were lots of close calls, and it sucked to be living in hiding separated from his luxurious women's clothing, but the work was worthwhile.

After the war, Doug got back into his old job and his old lifestyle, and ever since then he's just been taking things day by day and doing his best to remember the lessons he learned as a rebel in hiding.






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