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Harry Potter
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31 Jul 1980
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The Story is known the world over. Harry Potter, the boy who lived. The baby who beat lord Voldemort and then 17ish years later, did the same thing again with a few adventures in between such as find an immortality granting stone, killing a big ass snake, meeting the only person as close to family he could, Winning the tri wizard cup, Loosing the only person as close to family he had, Loosing a father figure, and winning a duel for the fate of the whole wizarding war.

He’d won the war, got the girl, destroyed the impossible wand. What next? What happens when ones destiny has been defined by conflict and prophecy, surpasses it?

He hadn’t been killed, there was no locked in death scenario. Harry Potter had lived once more and was adrift, wondering what the hell he was going to do, where was he going to live? Real life crashed against him with a terrible force before he made up his mind. Harry signed up to become an Auror and along with Ginny,Ron and Hermione, powered on through.

They got the jobs they wanted, He dated the girl he found to be exceptional, maybe even loved and for a few years all was well. He even got promoted to Auror faster than he thought, which was great. The wizarding world was wouldn’t let him forget the battles but at the same time he didn’t expect anyone with ‘authority’ to allow him to waltz about the Ministry. So Harry works as hard as he can, muddling through what so far, has been a wonderfully nice and normal young adult life. As normal as a young wizard could be that is.

Canon RP Sample

He should not have been doing it. Hell Ron shouldn’t have put him up to it, ever. It was wrong and weird and…strangely flattering but still wrong. So, so wrong…which is why he had to show the other person who was the subject of the very revealing drawing. With fame came fan mail, with fan mail came adoration and with adoration came strange infatuation and stalkers. This was not that. This was someone having a joke and really, all Harry could do was laugh.

He walked down the corridors of the Ministry, the offending picture in a carefully sealed envelope that would just look like any other official document. Of course it was anything but. Inside was a very graphic picture (a moving picture no less) of him and someone whom he’d been slowly building a very, VERY unstable bridge of…tolerance with. Malfoy.

Standing outside the office Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, Harry gave a small smile at the act that would not help that bridge in the slightest, but dear lord was it satisfactory once or twice. “I’m an adult…I’m an adult.” He kept repeating to himself as his hand as if on auto pilot slipped the envelope under the office door. Alright, maybe a little bit of a child too. It should reach Draco soon enough. With a chuckle he walked swiftly away. “Mischief Managed.”


Harry's work space is what one would expect: several files and documents on the left corner, a quill and ink pot to the right, two draws either side that house MORE files and various nick nacks and two framed Photographs. one of Ginny smiling away and the other of Ron and Hermione together.



11', Holly, Pheonix feather core

Educational History

Hogwarts, Griffindor, 1991-1997

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Danial Radcliffe

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