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Sasha Darlington
Witch Weekly
Gossip Columnist
10 Jan 1978
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The child of a teenage mother, Sasha's was an embarrassment to the rich, conservative family she grew up in. They lived with Sasha's grandparents, who supported them and hired nannies to watch after her while her mother finished school. Though her mother cared for her very much, her grandparents' disapproval was palpable, and they were eager to jump on any fault Sasha may have shown.

Sasha grew up quickly, learning how to act like a little adult. By all appearances she was a proper young lady, but beneath it all laid an aggressive streak, acted out in manipulations, gossip, and backhanded comments. Still, it was appearances her grandparents cared most about, and even they begrudgingly admitted that Sasha was growing up far better than they had anticipated.

When Sasha was five years old, her grandparents began pushing her mother to go out and marry a proper man this time. Within a couple years, she had done so, and her grandparents happily sent Sasha off to boarding school where they could forget about her.

Her mother spoke rarely about their father, only that they were in love and that they had once planned to run away, but one day he had simply disappeared and that she feared the worst.

A clue to that puzzle came around the time of Sasha's 10th birthday. At her boarding school one day, some sparks flew out of Sasha and into another girl who happened to be the most popular one in school. She also happened to be in front of the class, giving a speech, when she began to vomit uncontrollably. It was hilarious at the time and shortly afterwards some wizards arrived to inform Sasha that she had performed underage magic.

Sasha couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts when she found out about magic.

She was sorted into Slytherin, but with no record of her father, her muggleborn status immediately put her at a disadvantage. She did what she could to overcome it, planting rumors about how her father was actually a powerful wizard who had been killed during the First War. While it wasn't enough to make her as popular as she would've liked, it was enough that she wasn't bullied like the other muggleborns at school. And soon enough, she was bullying other students, mixing truth with lies and spreading all kinds of rumors about her enemies. Sometimes she set traps for others, embarrassing situations that she could exploit later. And though occasionally Sasha might've been caught with her pants down, she had a way of shamelessly powering through it with lies, feigned outrage, and by fueling new scandals to divert everyone's attention.

Upon graduation, she went to work at Witch Weekly, where she produced a regular gossip column that did reasonably well.

When the Muggleborn Commission was formed, Sasha grew nervous and began planning her own departure from the UK. She hoped that the rumors she had made about her father would persist and keep her safe. During this time, her lover betrayed her and effectively sent her to Azkaban.

Once she was released, Sasha went back to Witch Weekly with a vengeance. Her stories became more scathing, and many of them struck back against those who had worked as Snatchers during the war. She was constantly digging for dirt on her enemies, unable to let anything go, and she published salacious stories with a sort of Machiavellian glee. She has also become more involved in the rest of the magazine's activities and occasionally writes the sex tips under a different name, suggesting awful techniques in order to troll the readership and because sales tended to be higher whenever they published outlandish sex tips.

After being imprisoned in Azkaban, Sasha began training to become an animagus in secret. However, though she is skilled enough with other magics, she has never produced a corporeal patronus and has no idea what she might become.


Cedar, 8", Phoenix feather

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1989-1996

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Amanda Seyfried

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