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Fitz Preston
01 Apr 1987
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Fitz was born to a British mother and Irish father. Both had their lives before they met, and that led to a very interesting combination.

His mother Susanna Preston was married to a man since she was 17 years of age, they had two sons, and only when she was 24 did it come out that he was gay, after dating their entire school years. It left her divorced and with two sons to raise.

His father Conleth McPhee was a known womanizer, but he too was married. Since he was in his early twenties, and it was worth mentioning he was twenty years older than Susanna. He had five kids, only three of them were with his wife, two were with other women outside of his marriage. He had two sons and three daughters.

Then the two met when Conleth was working. Susanna was fiercely independent, coming from a broken home. She worked hard, and she did her best to take care of her sons, though she had suffered a loss when they decided to move in with their father. Yet Conleth asked her out every day he saw her, and Susanna would accept then stand him up. Until one day she didn't and that started the whole story.

They dated for three years, longer than Conleth ever kept someone around behind his wife's back. Then Susanna became pregnant. Conleth was actually excited. Out came a bouncing baby boy and he was welcomed into the world by two loving parents. He was named Fitz Preston. He was innocent and did not know what hell his family had in store.

Conleth was more attentive in Fitz's life then he ever was in any of his other children. He took him to the ministry where he worked to show him around, when his mother slept he would take Fitz out to eat, and the two just would bond over everything. Fitz never knew of his other family, he wouldn't have understood.

At the age of 5, two weeks before his 6th birthday, Fitz was sat down by his mother who was obviously distressed and told that his father had been killed. A man had been trying to escape from custody, and his father was a victim.

Fitz understood that he would never see his father again, but as the war progressed and he got older he just turned in on himself. He had met his fathers children, and he did not like the amount of abuse he took from them and his step-mother. Yet he still kept going back because he wanted to hear the stories they had of his father, to feel closer to him.

Now alone his mother struggled working 3 jobs to support them, and he had to stay with his grandmother during the day. She was rather senile. She should have been in a home, but Fitz loved her to death. She encouraged his reading and creative side, letting him see that not everything would be destroyed in the world, that there was good and he could make something.

His entire childhood was a toss up between his fathers family abusing him, his mother never having time for him, his grandmother trying to help but failing, and just inner hatred of himself for even being born. So when he escaped to Hogwarts he didn't know what to do.

In all that time he had spent in his life, he had actually never been around people his own age. He mother kept him inside, he didn't socialize. This was new and he didn't know how to act.

He was sorted into Ravenclaw, which was nice. These people enjoyed reading too right? Still he was quiet and kept to himself. He liked to watch people interact, and as he did he learned how to read people really well. He was able to tell what made people tick rather easily, even if he didn't know how to interact. He wasn't athletic at all, he tried but yeah it was a failure. Instead he stuck with his books and even trying to create his own spells.

Not spells to harm, but spells to help him with crafts. He would sit in his room with his wand and just make origami with his new spells and it made him feel safe and comforted.

Fitz was average through every year he was at Hogwarts, invisible even. No one really took notice of him, and he may have had a friend or two but they always had other friends so he didn't have a lot of time with them. He was just a seat filler, and he knew it. Yet he did want to be important to someone in the world, just one time. Maybe just to prove how loyal and good of a friend he could really be.


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