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Ministry Of Magic
Effy Noel
Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Misinformation Officer
10 Jul 1983
5' 6"
PLAYER | Sander
Effy, born three years after her brother, Aleksander Noel, had felt, for a good potion of her life, as if her parents treated her as a "do over." Her sibling always seemed to be getting in trouble, he was always been chased after by their mother. This left her to feel neglected by her parents. She, like her brother, attempted to push the same buttons that she heard her mother complained that her brother had pushed. However, her mother seemed to not notice when she came in late, as Aleksander came in even later. It was like he was always one step ahead of him, even when it came to messing up. Even when she was sorted into Slytherin, her proud Hufflepuff father, who's traditional deep gold roots ran deep, they hadn't even made a single comment on it, neither positive or negative, as her brother was ruining their cherished Hufflepuff name.

It wasn't until Aleksander began shaping up towards the end of his schooling that Effy began to be noticed by her parents. At that point, it was too late for Effy to change. She was now thought of as a tearaway, a hopeless case. Effy rarely spoke, mostly communicating in gestures and expressions and eye rolls. Her brother was her one solace at home. He never forced her to speak and always assisted her with her rebellious activities, like distracting their parents as she sneaked back in or exploding smoke bombs in the house, so they wouldn't know she was smoking. He was always there for her.

At Hogwarts she had formed a tight bond with fellow Slytherin, James. Effy followed James around like he was the next Jesus. He always spoke to Effy without expecting an answer. He carried the conversation for her. Her eye rolls and crossed arms were always enough for him. By her third year of school, they were inseparable, attached at the hip. They chainsmoked in closets and sneaked out to Hogsmeade, laughing the whole way. Effy began to come out of her shell for James, beginning to speak more frequently, even having actual conversations. They were like peanut butter and jelly.

This was until James was killed in the Second Wizarding War. Effy was crushed by the loss of her best friend. However, she attempted to take it with stride. She didn't let herself sink back to how she was before she met James. She instead, continued to expand her relationships, making a few friends along the way. However, she would never forget the friendship she left behind. Still emotional about the event, she never talked about James and when anyone mentioned the Way she changed the subject quickly. She acted as if it never happened.

Upon graduation, she began working at the Ministry. She was angsty and full of hatred. She tended to keep to herself at work. She spent half of her nights on a bar stool next to her brother and the other half in search of a replacement for James. She refused to allow anyone in to get close enough to even have a relationship enough close to James and even if someone was brave enough to approach her, they'd be greeted with a hissing hatred filled remark. Her brother keeps a close eye on her to ensure she stays on a good path and as not to spiral out of control. She is one bad relationship away from going down the wrong path.

---Added 6/26/17----

If Aleksander Noel is a mess, his sister, Effy Noel is a chaotic wreck with just the right about of fuck you asshole dashed on top. After losing her best friend and only person she could bother to give two shits about in the Second Wizarding War, Effy Noel spiraled out of control. Drugs, sex with strangers, and going missing for days at a time. Only to turn up passed out in some gutter. She only communicated in eye rolls and dirty looks, she never bothered to make an effort to make friends.

Her brother found her in a bar one day, dancing a top a table with a bottle of who knows what, hopped up on everything she could get her hands on. He has since cleaned her up and she is on her way to being a model member of society. Learning how to communicate without pissing people off and how to get through the day without having a meltdown.
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Petite and lithe, there isn't much to Effy Noel. Weighing 8 stone soaking wet, her face and body is pixie like. But, don't let her size fool you. She is rough and dresses to kill. Typically clad in fishnets over top of jean shorts embellished with rips and tears, a dark color tank top and her leather jacket, Effy has a certain 'don't fuck with me' air about her. Her dark hair is a curly mess, although sometimes she tries to tame the mess into silky straight waterfall or into messy braids.



Living in the world's smallest studio apartment, it takes Effy about five strides to reach the opposite of her apartment. Located in a dingy borough of London, in an "up and coming" shithole in Islington, Effy has a tendency leave her door unlocked, despite the sometimes unsafe street below her third floor walk-up flat. She does what she can to make her apartment not look like the brothel that operates on the second floor below her. Effy enjoys the privacy that her apartment provides from the outside world but, not the close vicinity to her brother's, who stops by regularly unannounced.



Good at coming up with excuses and lies, Effy does exceptionally well at her current position as a Misinformation Officer. The office is usually quiet and not employed until something catastrophic happens. When not directly working for her Department, sometimes she writes or reviews reports from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures when they become slammed. She keeps her desk neat, and locked at all times, no one having a key to it but, her.



Beech, 9 1/4, Unicorn Hair, Flexible

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1994-2001

Face Claim

Kaya Scodelario

Additional Notes

Sexuality: Bi-Curious
Tearaway | Abrasive | Anti-Social | Angsty



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