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Alan Gardener
Class of 2000-2007
23 May 1989
5' 8"
The Gardeners were normal Midwestern family from Atchison, Kansas. Ma and Dad raised the normal amounts of chickens and goats, but the real family trade is railroads. The 3-bedroom house fits the whole family; Dad, Ma, Henrietta, Wally, Freddie, Lila, Alan, Theresa, Jemma, and Bradley. Alan, being smack dab in the middle, never got any extra attention or praise. He was just like everyone else. Except he wasn’t like the rest at all. He had a strange proclivity for misplacing the livestock, ruining the crop, and setting small fires when his siblings were too mean to him. All of these accidents happened to no other Gardener child, except for him.

On his eleventh birthday, a barn owl delivered a letter from a place called Ilvermorny. It informed his parents that he was a wizard accepted to wizard school. Of course his parents were god fearing Calvinists and they were sure he had made a deal with the devil. He spent a very long time quarantined in the cellar, often used for their tornado watch evenings, and was visited by their pastor several times a day. Convinced he was going to die in that cellar and go to hell, Alan wished for mercy and forgiveness. This came from a much more earth bound place though. Jolly old England.

His Aunt Charlie came to rescue him. She left a note telling them that the priest recommended he attend a Christian behavioral home for the decidedly damned, and whisked him away from the county, state, and country he had never been outside of. Although it had been mid-September, his aunt explained her nephew’s situation and begged for Alan to be accepted into Hogwarts. The school was still settling after the battle that took place there, only two years before, and noted the special circumstances he was in.

Alan had never worked harder than he did in his first few months of school. It was not an option to let the school, his one safe haven, down. He was sorted into Slytherin, not in front of the whole school like everyone else, but quietly upon his arrival. He quickly became one of the keenest minds in his year, but it was because he had something to fight for. Getting kicked out for any reason means he would likely return home and actually be sent to conversion therapy. About to enter into his 5th year, Alan wants to focus more on girls and boys and whatever else is thrown at him.
Alan lost the faith he grew up with. Instead he has devoted all of that energy into dwelling on the fact that there is no fucking point to this thing we call existence. He likes beautiful things, and horrible things, and funny things, and profoundly sincere things. He knows that he feels everything more deeply and sees everything more truly than any of his peers.



Fir, 13 1/3",Phoenix Feather

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Hogwarts, Slytherin, 2000-2007

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Tom Holland

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