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Oracle Mall
Charlie Aloysius
Curl Up and Dye
01 Jan 1974
5' 8"
PLAYER | Sander
Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius were so excited when their first son was born. They were just as excited when their first daughter was born. Born with a head full of blonde curls, Charlie came into this world, not screaming like most babies but, smiling her little face off and she remained that way for the majority of her life. All throughout her childhood, she remained as bubbly and cheerful as ever. She made up silly songs and played games she and her brother made up. She mellowed quite a bit and became distant from her parents when her brother left for school. Her brother always promised the little girl that he would return before she knew it and that they could play again another day. She felt like he betrayed her every time he left for school. He left her with their dreadful parents, who always seemed to be going on about something. If it wasn’t about fifthly muggleborns, it was the about the minister or tacky neighbors. They were always in a tizzy about something. They tried to morph Charlie into a little form of them, her happy demeanor prevented her from being jaded by their attempts. She didn't share their disgust for muggleborns and it caused a riff in the family dynamic.

Upon no demonstration or inkling of magical prowess, her parents realized she was not the bubbly hope for the future they had expected. Instead of focusing on the negative, they put their attention to their eldest, who had already been admitted to Hogwarts. Dolling after him and bragging about him to their friends and family members. They acted as if Charlie hadn't been born and they didn't know who she was. She would have rather been publicly disowned rather than ignored. Charlie felt like her parent’s wanted to cut her out of their lives and that’s exactly what she did.

She has a quick temper and often feels overlooked or as if she doesn’t have any real feelings due her typically vivacious façade. When left to her own devices for too long and with no companionship, her mood tends to flicker and she becomes depressed frequently. She had a full on melt down when she was seventeen. Her mother had forbid her from going out with a few Muggle friends she had made. To Charlie, they were her lifeline. Her parents did not understand what it was like to be surrounded by magic constantly and unable to do it herself. Her mother, in the world’s most condescending tone told her she wasn’t fit to go out and they would reconsider it when she was older. She was booted from the house kicking and screaming after her mother babied her for the last time.

From that point on, she made a vow to herself not to look back to that family. The ones who sneered at her and pet her head like she was a three legged dog that they were too lazy to take the pound. This was until she had heard of her nephew's revolting tale. Hearing from her brother that he was being kept in a basement and forced not to use his magical abilities. If she wasn't able to practice magic, she was determined that he would be able to. She took the first flight out to Kansas to save Alan from his ill fate.

Moving Alan into her pink painted row house, from there, her priorities changed. She opened a small retro salon in the Oracle Mall after attending beauty school for a year in London. She liked how people would drone on about their lives and she could always put a piece of scandalous material in her gossip bank. She loves the flexibility that comes with her job and she had always been talented in making even the worst looking people look like they were a celebrity.

Bubbly and full of life, Charlie is always cheery, whether greeting customers at work or while out and about. She can be seen as overly extroverted and pushy. She's always lends an ear to the newest gossip or a juicy tidbit. She hates that no one takes her seriously, due to her happy demeanor and can turn quickly on anyone who refuses to consider she is deeper than she first appears.

With light blonde hair and a square face, Charlie isn't your typical 'hot chick'. She is slightly plump, however, she knows how to carry that junk in her trunk. She typically dons tight formfitting dresses in a variety of bright colors accompanied by matching pumps when at work. She always looks like she's about to hit the red carpet, she wouldn't dare be spotted with messy hair or no makeup in public, or even at home.



Matching her kitschy salon's style, her row house is decorated in vintage style and plastered in pastels and bright colors. Unique furniture sprinkled through the apartment, most of them found in antique shops. Her apartment is designed to host guests and have dinner parties.


Curl Up and Dye is a small two chair salon owned by Charlie Aloysius located on the far end of the mall. The beauty salon appears as if the 1950s threw up all over this retro salon with bright nauseating colors. Two bright blue chair dryers were tucked in the corner and the two pastel pink leather chairs lined the wall in front of large frameless mirrors, over top of the mirrors the phrase The Higher The Hair The Closer To Heaven sprawled across the pale yellow walls in swooping font. Several framed pictures of vintage ladies with fresh updos graced the walls near the waiting area. The front left of the store offers nail services and the back of house offers waxing, if you dare.


Educational History

Madame Marta's School of Beauty, 1994-1995

Face Claim

Miranda Lambert

Additional Notes

Charlie has an army of corgi puppies that always seem to be either eating something they shouldn't be/being the most evil things on the planet OR being the snuggliest heart-butted tidbits.



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