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Knockturn Alley
Jack Reddoch
Azkabang Prison
VIW Host
01 Dec 1949
5' 10"
The Short of It:

Jack is from an ancient line of Scottish Wizards with many Seers in the mix. All the Reddochs before him were sorted into Slytherin. He was put into Gryffindor, his parents were horrified. He did not acquire their distaste for Mudbloods and Blood Traitors, much to their chagrin. A marriage was arranged with a distant cousin of his. Jack liked her and they were great friends. But he had a secret love for wearing dresses and making love to any gender. They had three children, a daughter and two twin boys. They were the most precious things in the world to him.

He became an Auror straight out of school, which was handy because the first war started soon after. He was responsible for capturing a few Death Eaters, which was mostly due to his accurate visions and skill in Legilimency. His parents died during the war from old age. His wife and daughter died from Death Eaters. His sons were never located.

He wallowed in sex and cross-dressing and coming out of the closet. He met a wonderful man with whom he shared a perfect life. But the man was muggleborn, so when the second war came around, he was incarcerated and eventually killed.

Jack was taken to the Department of Mysteries and forced to be an anchor in their experiments for awhile. But when one of his sessions ended with the traveller dying, Jack couldn't continue in that role. He underwent over 60 sessions as a traveller and his mind suffered greatly. He spent the 5 years after the war in St. Mungo's.

He is now released, but needs to come back for regular visits. He can no longer work as an Auror, so he picked up a job as VIW (Very important witch/wizard) Host at Azkabang. He takes care of their every whim and makes sure they enjoy their time in the 'Prison'.

Spoiler: The Long of It show
Jonathan Quilliam Reddoch VI grew up in his family’s ancestral estate in the Scottish isles. His pure wizarding blood can be traced back to before William the Conqueror invaded in 1066. There was usually a seer in every other generation, if not every third. When young Jonathan had his first vision at the age of 7, his parents beamed with pride. They peppered his diet from then on with ginger and bay leaf candy (family recipe) to help his mind be open to the visions when they came. He now becomes aware a minute or two before they occur, because his mouth will start to salivate.

Every person in his family was a Slytherin. This had been the case since the school’s creation. The eldest child of Jefferson and Juliana was expected to be the same. Of course there was a dynastic sized gasp when instead, he was sorted into Gryffindor. His parents were at the school the next day and pleaded his case to the headmaster. It was useless as the sorting hat’s decision was final. His mother had a serious talk with him before she left. The rules were still the same: no fraternizing with mud bloods or half-breeds. No son of hers would be a filthy blood traitor.

Very quickly he started going by Jack. Jonathan was a name for some old man he had never met. He tried as best he could to follow his mother’s wishes, but many of the people he had been told were garbage were actually kind and smart. He hid many of his friendships from his parents for years. Word ended up getting back to them when he was 15 though, and they went ballistic threatening to disown him. When he graduated, they had an arranged marriage waiting for him. He wed a lovely girl from a good pureblood family (they were 4th or 5th cousins or something like that). He could have ended up with a lot worse. They spit out 3 children, an eldest daughter and two twin boys, within the next four years.

Immediately after school, Jack went into training to be an Auror. His parents were less than pleased. This put him at odds with many of their lifelong friends and dinner guests. The first war broke out in his 4th year as an Auror. He was lucky enough to survive the whole thing. He brought in a large handful of Death Eaters largely due to his plentiful and accurate visions. His family on the other hand was not so fortunate. Both his parents passed away, they were old anyway. But the tragedy came in May of 1981, months before the end of the conflict, his London home was ravaged by Death Eaters. The monsters murdered his young wife and their daughter; his sons were never found.

Jack fell into a deep despair for years after his family was ruined. His wife was a good friend to him, although they were never in love and affection was just a duty. And his daughter was his pride and joy. The only way he could soothe his grief was to turn to sex and cross-dressing. He had always felt a strange desire for women’s clothes and for partners of every creed. The obligation to his family had always held him back though. Now they were all gone. It was just him. Knockturn Alley became his playground and his escapades in the night were the only reason he could survive in the day.

It was one of these nights that brought him his greatest love. A Welsh muggleborn man named Edmund stumbled drunkenly into his life. Edmund was an older bear with a wicked sense of fashion and a genuine enjoyment for all things. This was the absolute happiest time of Jack’s life. Naturally a marriage never occurred, but it was a relationship as close as any.

Then the Second War came. When the ministry fell, Jack was quickly incarcerated in the Department of Mysteries. The orderlies forced him to be the anchor for many of the first procedures, using Edmund as blackmail (they didn’t tell him he was already dead). His extensive training in Legilimency was too good for them to pass up. But since it was so early in the testing, they did not know the limits of the travelers yet. It only took three weeks for the first Seer to die. And he died at the hands of Jack. He refused to do any more anchoring. He would not be responsible for deteriorating these people to nothing. So they flipped the seats and he became a traveler. He underwent the experiment over 60 times and his once sharp mind was grinded down to jell-o.

When the war finally ended, Jack was sent to St. Mungo’s. Recovery was grueling. He spent more time in his hallucinations than in the real world. After 5 years of non-stop work, he was cleared for release. He takes several potions to dull the Schizophrenia and he must have bi-weekly check-ups, but his mind will never really be whole again. His visions come less frequently now, and when they do he doesn’t know if they are real or just a hallucination of the past. What used to be a wonderful gift, is now a reminder he cannot escape.

His ministry job was not available when he was released, he would be no good at it anyway. He doesn’t need money. He has an entire family fortune to his name and no one to leave it to. But he likes to stay busy so he has a job as a VIW Host at Azkabang Prison. He welcomes the big customers and arranges any entertainment and kinks for their evening. The clients love his charm, class, and fabulous appearance.
Jack, although an older man, is sexual af. It is his only outlet and he has spent most of his life unable to be himself. He pays no attention to the assigned gender of clothing or behaviors. When he grew up, it was not acceptable to be anything other than straight, especially in his posh Pureblood family. So he intends to spend the rest of his miserable life living it up.

His trauma during the second war has left him a bit ill in the head. He will see hallucinations frequently, but his potions usually help him discern that they are not real.

His clothing can range from a simple t-shirt and jeans, to an elaborate couture diva dress.





He is filthy rich, but lives in a shithole apartment, and spends all his time in Knockturn Alley. The closet in his flat has been enchanted to be as big as the rest of the home.


Azkabang Prison is always bustling. He has a small office hidden behind a secret door. It is meticulously organized and has a small sleeping area in case he needs to rest during long nights.



Silver Lime, 12", Phoenix Feather, Flexible

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1960-1967

Face Claim

Alan Cumming

Additional Notes

His sons were never found after the attack in 1981. They would have been 11 at the time. Deep down he wonders if they are alive. If they are, they better not be fucking shitty Death Eaters.



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