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Diagon Alley
Kit Cypher
Gringotts Wizarding Bank
Curse Breaker
13 Jan 1981
5' 5"
Although their blood was pure, the Cyphers’ dedication to maintaining their line led to their ruin. Children were only allowed to produce offspring with their direct siblings. Generations of inbreeding left them barren, powerless, and broke. Kit’s parents were only able to produce one child. They lived in Latvian exile due to their crimes in the first war, but they knew their lord would come back.

One of Kit’s greatest memories is remembering the joy in their house when their Dark Lord returned. Her parents greeted her when she got home from her weird year at Durmstrang (the Triwizard tournament really affected the entire school) with the news. They spent all night regaling her with their tails of war victories and daring kidnappings. She wanted to be just like them Brave and Pure. But she was still too young to join up; she stayed home in Latvia while her parents fought for magical purity. She was so proud of them.

Right as she was about to graduate and join the ranks of Death Eaters with her parents, the battle of Hogwarts dashed her dreams. She was now an orphan. An orphan on the losing side of a foreign war. She was bitter, angry, penniless and without direction. There was nothing for her in Latvia. Nothing for her in the world. She got some low level job as a curse breaker for a small Ukrainian investment company, but it was worthless. Deep in depression and wild revenge fantasies, she felt completely out of options. Her attempt to end it all was dashed by some stupid fucking mud blood she worked with. He later told her it was such an honor to save her. She had to bite her tongue to keep from spitting on him.

It was in recovery from this attempt that she finally got a piece of good news. There was hope. Hope in the purity of magic had returned in the form of Frederick Nickle. Although she had heard whispers, she could not understand the potential scope until some patient spoke of his group. Without a moment’s hesitation. she devoted herself to him. Although she had never met him or any of his followers, those were her people. The pImmediately she knew he was the one to bring pureblood back to the ruling class. She hatched a plan.

Upon moving to London, Kit worked hard to become a curse breaker for Gringotts. Her rise to a full job was not an easy one. She had to prove her worth and strengthen her skills. But after an entire year, she did it. She had to. She was sure her savior would need someone brave and strong. That needed to be what she was.

On the outside, Kit lives the life of any young woman in the wizarding world. She keeps to herself and draws very little attention. On the inside, she feeds off any information she can get about the cult. Her trips to Knockturn for curse warding objects, are more frequent than necessary. She needs to know. Her heart and her talent are lying in wait until she can join the one group that will save magic and her.
Kit knows what needs to be said and when to say it. But her words are rarely honest. She is very far into her double life and she can switch off her devoted (read: crazy) self in an instant. It was a struggle not to seek revenge on the mudbloods immediately, but now she can be with them in social settings. The closer they think she is, the easier it will be to serve them to Nickel.

Occasional flashes of her true nature can be seen, but on the whole, no one is watching.
There are two prominent scars on either leg from her suicide attempt. She does not talk about them and never wears clothing that will show them.


Kit followed the brochure design almost exactly. Her home is clean and spotless, unless you know where to look. Many hidden compartments contain her stashes of Nickel paraphernalia. The main compartment holds her shrine and the wedding rings of her parents.


Kit is meticulous. Her work desk is minimal and organized always. She had two photographs framed on her desk. Both of them are stock photos of strangers. The people in the frames now have names and a backstory she has given to co-workers whenever they pry. Not that goblins care much.



Vine, Phoenix Feather, 8"

Educational History

Durmstrang, 1991-1998

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Additional Notes

She has worked to assimilate her accent to a British one (her parentage helped with that), but slips of eastern Europe still sneak in.



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