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Ministry of Magic
Ron Weasley
Magical Law Enforcement
01 Mar 1980
Ron was born the second-to-last child in a large and somewhat chaotic family. They didn't have a lot of money, but it wasn't something he noticed until he got older. It was hard not to notice when his older siblings started going to Hogwarts and they started to run into the more wealthy purebloods in Diagon Alley. Still, Ron didn't mind it too much. They had freedom and fun and each other and that was good enough for him most of the time. It stung more during his school years, when such things do, but for a lot of his school career he was too busy to worry about it overmuch.

At Hogwarts, he met Harry Potter. Yes, the Harry Potter, which changed the course of his life. Between Harry and Hermione, they had one harrowing adventure after another, culminating with leaving school a year early to search for horcruxes. Despite whatever quarrels they had, the trio was closer than ever by the end of the war, and it was no surprise to anyone when they all joined the Ministry together, Ron and Harry in the Auror division.

For his personal life, well, his feelings for Hermione hadn't changed since he'd got himself sorted, and it was the part of his life that he was the most content with. He has tried to maintain ties to Ginny and his other siblings, as well as his parents, going round for Sunday dinner as often as possible.

Life after all that chaos turned out to be ... dull. Maybe it was worse for Harry, who was the Boy Who Lived after all, but Ron found himself almost reckless in his training years, looking for something to match the levels of adrenaline that they had grown accustomed to. He's managed to temper himself over the years, but there are still times when he quietly longs for more than his professional life has to offer.

Canon RP Sample

"Yes, well, you're The Boy Who Lived, aren't you?" Ron said, a note of peevishness creeping into his voice.

"Stop calling me that, would you?" Harry said, and a memo soared over the cubicle wall to hit Ron squarely in the forehead.

"Nice shot, mate," he said, somewhat grudging as he picked up the memo and carefully refolded it for its return journey. "I'm just saying, you're famous, and I'm the famous guy's best friend ... not a lot of mileage in that, is there?"

"Mileage for what, though?"

"I don't know..." he shifted in his chair and glanced down at the folder on his desk. "Better cases, more interesting work. Something more ... exciting." There was a snort in response from over the cubicle wall. Ron threw the memo back over, and the only indication it had hit was an irritated sigh. "Don't you feel like we should be doing more?"

If Harry did feel like that, he didn't answer, because their boss was walking down the hall and it wouldn't be good to be caught complaining. Ron hastily pulled his legs down from where they had been resting on his desk and flipped open the topmost folder on his desk, pretending to be looking it over. It was just like school all over again.

After their boss had passed, he started to say something else, but he saw his sister coming around the corner. It would be no use trying to talk sense to Harry while Ginny was about, and with another huff of annoyance, he got up and headed for the break room -- at least he could make himself feel better with the leftover cookies from the New Year's potluck.


Willow; 14"; Unicorn Hair

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Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1991-1997

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Rupert Grint

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