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Ministry of Magic
Maya Gravel
On-Site St. Mungo's Clinic
13 Sep 1976
5' 3"
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Maya's parents were Aurors--good, responsible people and loving parents. She grew up in the shadow of two brothers--one biological and the other adopted. One who was the perfect older brother and overachiever, and the other who was... not so much. They each had their own ways of getting attention, and for Maya, it was by being the sweet and quiet one.

Which of course, made her the perfect alibi.

She liked painting and dancing and singing in the shower. Curling up with a good book and a cat. Catching fireflies in a jar. Occasionally, she liked a little mischief. She had a lot of nicknames like Yaya and My-Oh-My-Ah, Mai Tai and Maya Papaya

Being nearly the same age as Floyd, much of her childhood was spent playing with him and their other friends, mostly as a follower and occasional voice of reason. Though she didn’t always approve of whatever trouble Floyd would get himself into, she was often a partner in crime.

She grew up in England but was sent to Ravenwood Academy for school. There, Maya came into her own, turning from a quiet and shy child to a vivacious and outgoing teenager. Somehow through it all, she managed to balance her life as a social butterfly with her academic pursuits.

She had a habit of wearing her heart on her sleeve, which attracted both boyfriends and heartbreak like flies to honey. She got good grades and was an excellent student, enjoyed Quidditch matches and study group and occasionally sneaking out. During this time, she became particularly adept at healing spells, which came in handy with all the hell that Floyd would raise.

She came back to England upon graduation and began training at St. Mungo’s. During the war, she worked in secret at an underground clinic to help treat muggleborns and resistance fighters.
Maya often comes across as bubbly, playful, and unconventional. Because of her outgoing personality, her actions are often mistaken for flirting. She laughs easily, feels deeply, and while some might think she's flaky, chances are that she wasn't that into it in the first place and simply didn't know how to say no. On that note, she generally tries to smooth things over rather than confront people. Though if something is serious enough to piss her off, she'll go off on someone.

She enjoys weird people, twisted senses of humor, anyone who can make her think, challenge her, or take her on an adventure. She loves spontaneity and pushing her boundaries.

Working as a mediwitch has hardened her up considerably. Forced often to confront death, her bubbly persona is superficial in some ways and she rarely shares any of her deeper feelings about what might be bothering her at any particular time.

At work, Maya usually wears her hair up in a cute but messy bun. Otherwise, she likes to wear it down and styles in soft waves. She wears minimal makeup--usually a sheer lip tint, mascara, and eyeliner. She often uses a slightly shimmery, grapefruit scented body mist. Her nails are usually manicured and clear and she likes to dress in colorful, feminine clothes.



Maya lives in a four bedroom suite in the Mews.

Maya's room is feminine and cozy and always just a tiny bit messy. A few decor items here and there are mismatched, giving it a cute yet unpolished look. It is decorated in purple, pink, and blue pastels with lots of white and light wood to give it an airy appearance. A large mirror taking up nearly the entirety of one wall creates the impression of increased space in the room.

Her bed is plush and comfortable with lots of soft blankets and cushions and a dreamcatcher above it. A plush, white fur rug lays at the foot of her bed. Several floating white shelves with flower lights strung across them display pictures of family, friends, and exotic locales. A small collection of plants adds life to the room.

She keeps her journal inside her nightstand drawer, with no protections to speak of. A large number of gel pens and markers are stored inside the same drawer. In a roll out drawer under her bed, locked by a simple charm, is a diverse collection of innocent and fun looking sex toys, potions, and creams.

At night, the ceiling has been enchanted to glow with a river of stars like the Milky Way.


Maya has a small office in the on-site St. Mungo's clinic that uses a bunch of old antique medical furniture. It is usually cluttered with paperwork and random bottles.

Aside from a bedazzled pencil jar, a few plants, and an assortment of gel pens and doodles, and a comfy butt cushion on one of the chairs, she's done very little to personalize the office. A small decorated box on her desk contains a small collection of thank you cards she's gotten from patients over the years.



Vine, 10", unicorn hair

Educational History

Ravenwood, 1987- 1994

Face Claim

Amber Stevens

Additional Notes

Maya enjoys doodling, painting, and drawing.

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