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Willy Wonka
PI Receptionist
01 Apr 1983
He was born in 1983. Left to his father at birth, his father being a pureblooded wizard of no real nobility. His father became a common drunk shortly after his birth, but took relatively good, if somewhat irresponsible, care of him. He had that effect on people, that they seemed to like him, to want to take care of him. He was sent off by his father to Frogwurst at the tender age of 3, in part out of wanting to give the best care for him, and the other just to give the boy a place where he could actually be taken care of by properly functioning adults.

Considering how open as a child he was, the staff became worried at his living situation at home. A report was sent in to Ministry Social Services, who investigated the father. The father was found mentally unstable, and unable to give proper care for his child, who was then relegated to foster care, where he would stay with one or two families during the summer.

As a young child, besides being open, he was incredibly friendly and social, though sometimes dramatic and outrageous, which seemed to only add to his flair. He would quickly grow close relationships with other students, some of whom would mention his home status to their parents, and ask if he could spend it with them for either parts of the summer, or various vacations. Foster Parents, usually being under incredible pressure and hopeful that one of these bonds might turn into an adoption, accepted a majority of the time.

At the age of 10, as some the discussion of his next school came up in the Social Services dept, he was added as part of a foster exchange program with the MACUSA. Upon arriving at America, he was given a foster family that he only spent a short part of the summer with, before simply going to Ilvermorny, where he joined house Thunderbird. His experience there was remarkably similar to his time at Frogwurst. A popular boy, who spent vacations and summers at one friends or another. His social life was always in the front of the time he spent, though he was an okay student. His teachers were frustrated, due to his apparent natural talent, especially in certain charms, but he never quite took studies seriously.

Upon graduation from Ilvermorny, he found himself a free man. No foster parents. No Social Services. MACUSA approached him with a job essentially as a poster child for the Social Services dept, to garner more funding, foster parents, and adoptions, showing how well adjusted and successful he had been growing up in the system. It had nothing really to do with the system as to why he was a fine young man, based more on his natural talent for socializing and good impressions on others.

He spent around 18 months in the Public Relations department for MACUSA, before deciding to do some traveling. Willy wandered around Europe for several years, meeting new people, making new relationships, and generally enjoying life.

The more he interacted with new people however, the more he realized he had forgotten who he was. Because of his charismatic nature and slight possibilities towards craziness, among other reasons, he had picked up the name Willy Wonka in school at some point. He hadn't thought to hard about it before, but now he wasn't sure even what his real name was, who his father was, and he had never learned who his mother was. Where did he come from? It didn't really matter to much, but he had decided he wanted to know. Knowing his father was at least a common wizard in the London area somewhere before being relocated to a mental facility, he applied for the PI department with the Ministry, ready to find out some secrets to his past while also enjoying what he does best. Making a good image.

Upon being hired by the ministry, he was informed he was actually Part-Veela, explaining his father's insanity. Willy forgets this unless it comes up in conversation, because Willy is Willy.

Canon RP Sample

So, like, yeah. I was born. And Dad was there. But Dad was kind of a freak? Little coocoo if you know what I mean? So for awhile I did my own thing. Food. Play. Be pretty. I was awesome, I had it good. Dad brought food, so there was that. Magic was pretty sick to grow up with. I was like super young when I started to use it. Dad taught me bits and pieces, when he wasn't freaking out, or cooking the stove again, or washing the dishwasher.

I was 3 I think, when Dad begged my way into Frogwurst. That's when this one lady kept showing up to check on me and Dad. Eventually Dad left, going to some crazy mango hospital somewhere. The lady let me stay at random peoples houses sometimes when I wasn't at Frogwurst during the summer that first year. Second year, I just went to some of my girlfriends houses for a few weeks, then to another one, until school started again.

After Frogwurst, some Yankees took me in? Spent a few months there, they seemed to like me. They sent me to Ilvermorny for school. School was dope. Girlfriends, boyfriends, random magic stuff, you know. Most of the school liked me, except for a few ex's, couple people who just couldn't be awesome like me, but they tried, ya know?

I had to beg them to let me keep the wand I found at Frogwurst. Well, not like, beg, but like, ask nicely. I like my wand, it's great, likes sparks and random stuff, hexing those people who don't like me. I did great in charms, cause I'm like, charming? Little bits of dope transfiguration stuff. The cool magic, ya know?

After Ilvermorny, I worked for the MACUSA, in Public Relations. Pretty dope. Work with everyone, make them seem cooler just by being me, me being around them. Did receptionist stuff too, so I got to know all the cool stories, the dirty secrets. After a year or two, I went traveling, spent a couple of years. Or, ya know, something like that. I lose track of time all the time.

I miss work. So that's why I'm here. I'm applying to join the PR department at the Ministry here. Wish I could remember my dads name though. Or where he went. St. Mungo's Hospital? Maybe... I'm pretty sure it was Mango Hospital though. I could be wrong. My memory is kinda sketch sometimes. Makes me great in PR though. Just say "I'll get back to you on that!" I really do mean to. But I forget, ya know?

Oh yeah, I forgot my real name too. I think they started calling me Willy Wonka, cause I'm so magical, at Frogwurst? Maybe it was Ilvermorny. But, uhh, maybe one of the school remembers me. Maybe not. I never asked, Willy Wonka is fine to me.


Dogwood 14" Dragon Heart-String

Educational History

Ilvermorny, Thunderbird, 1994-2001

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Grant Gustin

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