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Ministry of Magic
Rue Audley
Magical Law Enforcement
03 Oct 1980
5' 7"
Rue was born the youngest child and the only girl to an old wizarding family that could trace its lineage back generations. She had four older brothers, and thus grew up constantly surrounded by things like frog's tails and what seemed like an unusual amount of dirt. Her father owned a book store that sold rare, magical books, and her mother was the person who procured them, being a bit of a daredevil. Growing up, her mother was not about much, often leaving for faraway locales in the pursuit of the rarest of tomes. Her father was home, but always distracted by his books and his store, leaving the kids to grow up largely untethered.

Archimedes, Rue's oldest brother, fancied himself the boss of the little group, and where he led, they all followed. Luckily, he was a good-natured, responsible boy, so their adventures were generally in the nature of exploration (their home was near some woods), swimming (along with a pond), or playing out the stories they read, all of them being avid little readers themselves. When Archie left for Hogwarts, Cadence took over, then Bartholomew or Xavier, the twins, though by then there wasn't a lot left for him to lead. By the time they left and Rue was the only child at home, it felt like they had had all of the adventures they could. Rue found it sad that she had peaked so young.

Those last years at home were the loneliest of her short life, and she looked forward to summer and the holidays with a fervent passion. Her brothers would come home with stories about Hogwarts that made little Rue's eyes light up. She couldn't wait for her turn. When it finally came, she was thrilled.

However, once she got to Hogwarts, things began to change. It started with the Sorting Hat. Archie, Cade, Bart, and Xavier were all four in Ravenclaw, but Rue herself was sorted into Slytherin, to her dismay. Not that she had anything against Slytherin in particular, but she wanted to be with her brothers. Still, she did make a few friends that first day, so she tried to ignore that she was in a different house than the rest of her family (her mother had been a Gryffindor after all). Her first few years were largely uneventful ones, filled with studying, making new friends, and Quidditch (though she was only a backup for the Slytherin Chaser). She was a very determined student, and while she wasn't one to love studying, she took pride in getting good grades and excelling where ever she could. She was particularly good at Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts, when they had a proper teacher.

Her school career might have gone on in the most mundane of ways, if it weren't for the return of Voldemort. Being in Slytherin began to become uncomfortable for her during her third year, because unlike some families, hers had been fairly neutral during the first Wizarding War. Her family was one of scholars and were not particularly powerful, going to ground when they needed to. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible this time around, as things became more and more tense. Family secrets were spilled, the most shocking being that her father was a Squib, something that even she hadn't known. Things got worse when people began to take sides, and Archie came down on the side of the Death Eaters. Not openly of course, but listening to him spout hateful opinions about muggles and muggleborns was awful for Rue and her other brothers. Cade took it the most personally, and that led to many arguments between the two brothers, terrible fights that sometimes came to blows, landing both in detention more often than not.

In Slytherin, Rue did her best to stay out of things. She personally could not have cared less about a person's blood status, and while she had begun to evince some traits of her house (ambition, determination, etc), she was not interested in taking the side of the Dark Lord, and thankfully, neither were her parents. Well, she was thankful for it at first, but in 1997 her mother disappeared while off on a trip to Romania. The family feared the worst, especially after her father's store was ransacked. By this time, Archie was working alongside his father, and yet he seemed unperturbed by this turn of events. When their father closed up the store and went to ground, sadly he did not feel comfortable telling his eldest son where he was going. Rue's other three brothers worked at the Ministry in various capacities, and she hardly saw them anymore.

Things came to a head when Cade and Archie got into their worst row yet, and Archie was revealed to be a Death Eater. Rue was shocked, and worse, she felt tarred by her brother's brush. She was a pureblood, in Slytherin, with a brother who was a known Death Eater. What could she do? She found that the friends she'd made in other Houses drifted off, while some Slytherins that she hadn't much talked to began to take an interest in her. She tried her hardest to stay out of the way, but after Dumbledore's death, it was impossible not to take sides. Rue had really liked the kindly headmaster, who had often taken time out of what must have been a busy schedule to give her an encouraging word, or lend an ear. She was heartbroken when he died, and that was the moment that she knew she couldn't do what her family had always done: lay low and try to ride things out. When Voldemort and his Death Eaters tried to the take the school, she fought against them with everything she had, and while her own Charms and spells were merely a drop in the ocean, she knew that she had at least been true to her convictions.

The war ended, but her life was irrevocably changed. Her mother was gone, likely dead. Archie had disappeared when Voldemort fell. Bart and Xavier had lost their lives in a Death Eater raid. Her father was a broken man. Rue herself was considered a blood traitor by people she had once called her friends, and when it was time to leave Hogwarts, she couldn't wait, which made her feel sadder than anything, considering how much she had loved the school when she first arrived. She went home, helped her father get the store in order, and then applied for a job as an Auror. She remembered how good it had felt to take a stand for something, and she wanted to feel that way again.

She was accepted, and began her training as an Auror. She consistently felt like she had to prove herself, just like at Hogwarts, only now for different reasons. Before she'd felt like she'd had to prove she belonged in Slytherin, now she felt like she had to prove that she was no Death Eater or even sympathetic to them. To that end, she hunts fervently for Archie, feeling that bringing him to justice is the surest way to prove herself.

As part of that hunt, she decided that it might be helpful to have an animagus form, and began studying that aspect of magic while she was at Hogwarts. It took her some time, and she had a few periods where she considered that she just might not be able to do it, but she's continued to try as the years went by. Recently she was successful, taking the form of a Siberian Husky, perhaps more useful in her current position as a Patrol Officer than it would have been as an Auror. She's still not always successful with her transformations, but she continues to improve.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguishing Marks: Dog (Siberian Husky), reddish-brown and white, on the smaller side

Animagus Form Elaboration: Rue shares many of the characteristics of canines, including being loyal and very social. Most of all, however, is her dedication to her family and her strong desire to maintain those relationships (ie, her 'pack'). Siberian huskies in particular are known for their energy and willingness to work, as well as their particularly gregarious nature.

List the 3 most serious mishaps that animagus endured in training::
1) Partial Transformation -- Rue had to spend a week in St. Mungo's getting rid of her fluffy tail and tufted ears. There was also that awkward going-into-heat incident ...

2) Scrambled Nerves -- This took a little longer to recover from, a week in St. Mungo's for the nerves and then some limping around and a black eye from all the running into things.

3) Bone Deformity -- She had very lumpy legs for awhile, but despite medical intervention still has a bone spur on her left ankle that doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

**by Belle**


Beechwood, 10", dragon heartstring

Educational History

Hogwarts, Slytherin, 1991 - 1998

Face Claim

Phoebe Tonkin

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The Difference

Between being loved
and being fucked
is I can't remember how the first feels.
I have a body like an open door.
I have a body like an open hand.
It is too easy to hold me.

Find me a boy
with a heart more hopeful
than spun sugar on a hot day;
I will teach him to render me

The whole time,
every moment,
wishing he'd crack me open,
rib by rib, to see how I work.
How I bleed.

~Clementine von Radics





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