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Harry Potter [MD]
Magical Law Enforcement
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31 Jul 1980
The boy who lived: raised in a cupboard under the stairs, sorted into Gryffindor, found a stone, killed a big ass snake, traveled through time to save a dog and a bird, won a cup, CAPSLOCK RAGED, copied off a prince, defeated the dark lord then ate a sandwich.

After the war, Harry Potter was a Rock Star. Bigger than a rock star, really, because those guys just played music. Harry was the savior of the god dammed wizarding world.

The story of the final battle spread like wildfire, and while the typical exaggeration occurred, there wasn't a whole lot that could be exaggerated on. Harry Potter had been a force of Good, and Good had finally prevailed over Evil. He had been a symbol of hope during the war, and he was a symbol of success when it was done. People were free from the fear and the terror of Lord Voldemort, and they were grateful.

The fame still made him uncomfortable and he still shied away from it. That didn't change, but it was always there. And unlike when he was a child, he wasn't sheltered from it by living among muggles. There were plenty of things to distract him though. Rebuilding was a large one, first Hogwarts and later the Ministry. Auror training took a lot out of him as well.

And then there was Ginny. He'd lost so many people in his life, from his parents to his god father, friends and mentors, which made the idea of a peaceful life with Ginny was so brilliant. So simple and easy and wonderful. Best friend's little sister who always had a crush. Who had supported him and carried on the fight while she waited for him. It was sweet, really. A fairy tail story. Witch Weekly had a field day with it.

Ginny was someone solid to rebuild with. Someone to fully bring him into that large family he'd always wanted and with whom to create a new family that was all his own. Ron and Hermione were still his family, they always would be, but they were going down their own path and he didn't begrudge them that. Especially not when he had his own to go down.

Because the truth of the matter was, Harry'd had to grow up way too fast. It was a cliched saying but it was true - he hadn't gotten a proper childhood. And once he was finally finished saving Hogwarts, finding horcruxes, and defeating dark lords, he was a bit out of sorts for what to do with himself. When a person spends the first seventeen years of his life focused so singularly on one goal, the loss of it, even in victorious triumph, left him a bit adrift. It was all well and good that the Wizarding world was safe. But for Harry Potter, his quest was over. His purpose gone.

So he did the only thing he knew how to do - he threw himself into a new goal. Creating and rebuilding. Rebuilding the wizarding world, creating something even better out of the proverbial (and literal) ashes. And creating a life with Ginny.

And as he settled into life as Just Harry, he found himself taking a little of his youth back. Not like Michael Jackson levels of reclaimed youth, but he'd had a sense of humor, once. That'd gotten lost in the war but he found it. All in all he felt younger on his 19th birthday than he had on his 17th. And older, he supposed, if he even thought about it at all, but younger. It was hard to explain logically, but logic rarely factors in to such things.

But on the whole he liked it. He liked being an Auror, liked being Ginny's boyfriend, he even learned to tolerate the fame. On the whole Harry Potter liked his neat and tidy life.

Of course he did. It was perfect. Anyone who didn't like a happily ever after like that would be an insane, not to mention ungrateful, prat.

Canon RP Sample

The orange cat purred as it rubbed against his leg and Harry jumped involuntarily. Being on the run hunting for horcruxes made him twitchy enough as it was, but there was just something extra disconcerting about a small furry thing thrumming against him. Or maybe it was because it was down by his ankles, weaving around. That was just creepy. Maybe it was both; who knows. Regardless, Harry was over it in less time than it took to consider the options.

Squatting down, he scratched the cat behind the ears and it arched into his hand in response, greedy for more. For a moment he'd thought it was Crookshanks, as implausible as that would have been, but this cat didn't look like it'd run head first into a wall. The memory of Crookshankes' squashed face brought a small smile to Harry's lips. A fond sort of smile that had only a hint of a wistful edge.

"Hello, puss, you lost?" He addressed the cat, "Or did Crookshanks send you to make sure Hermoine stays out of trouble?" He raised his voice a little as he said her name, and looked across the camp site to the opening of the tent where Hermione was sitting, to see if she'd overheard him.

Talking to the cat about her only fun if she was paying attention.


Harry's desk is cluttered with files, parchment, and quills. The walls show a few pictures, one of him and Ginny, smiling and waving at the camera, the Ginny in the photograph pulling him down for a kiss and the Harry looking both pleased and uncomfortable all at the same time. Another photo was of Ron and Hermione, Ron whispering something into Hermione's ear. It was likely inappropriate because she pushed at his shoulder, but she laughed as well. The final picture was of Hagid and Witherwings in front of Hagrid's rebuilt hut. If you look closely, several of Hagrid's "beauties" wander in and out of the corners.



Holly, 11 inches, phoenix feather core

Educational History

Hogwarts, Gryffindor, 1991 - 1997

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Daniel Radcliffe

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