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Wes Fairchild
The Black Dog
01 Jan 1970
6' ½"
PLAYER | Alura
Wes's mother was an American muggle, and a nurse, who often worked the late shift while he was growing up. Still, he was never without love and comfort, despite their less-than-lavish lifestyle. There was another family in the apartment across the hall, with several kids his own age and they became like siblings to him.

He never much bothered with wondering about his father, and never even knew his name - until he began to show signs of having inherited his gift for magic. His mother refused his father's owls imploring her to give up, or at the least share, custody and he was all set to begin at Salem in the fall, when she unexpectedly died. Heartbroken, Wes fully expected to just move across the hall and become a permanent part of his 'second' family, but his father came to claim him, whisking him off to England, and to a family of strangers.

His father was married - had been, even when he'd been with Wes's mother - and now he found himself the awkward bastard step-kid/half-brother that none of the others really wanted around. His only meaningful relationship in the house was with his father, who did make efforts to form a genuine bond of care between them.

Hogwarts was a welcome escape for him from some of the pressures of being the halfblood bastard in a pureblood house. He was sorted into Hufflepuff, a suitable house for his gentle, affable nature. There, he found a small group of good friends, and was generally happy. He got solid marks, and enjoyed quidditch, though he only ever played in one game (which his father actually attended), otherwise spending most of his time on the bench as an alternate. Like his father, he proved skilled with transfiguration, and when he was home from Hogwarts they would spend time together, honing those abilities. Magic was their common ground, and it served to strengthen their relationship as he grew older.

His second heartbreak came during his sixth year, when his father suddenly died, and he was left without his last familial bond, his one friend in an otherwise icy family. Instead, he drew closer to his school friends, particularly Dexter. His final year is when he began devoting serious time and energy to becoming an animagus - the seed of the idea having been planted by his father as one of the greatest challenges in transfiguration, one he'd always desired to conquer himself.

The day he returned home after his graduation from Hogwarts, he found only a set of luggage, packed by his step-mother, waiting for him on the curb.

He moved among a variety of short-term jobs, even spent a year abroad in Europe, all in search of other wizards or witches who might further him on that last, unfinished goal. It was during a stay in Strasbourg that he finally managed it, taking the form of a Scottish deerhound, one that looked remarkably like the hounds that his father had once kept. It seemed natural that he shift into some sort of canine, a scruffy family pet. He'd always craved the warmth of family, but the deerhound's long stride and endurance gave him the freedom to seek solitude and escape from those who might reject him.

Eventually, he came back to England and opened The Black Dog - a cozy, friendly place always filled with the scent of coffee and books, the noise of quiet conversation, a sense of what home should be like - and when the Second War broke out, he used it as a cover while working tirelessly in support of the resistance. Though he avoided direct combat, he was true to his Hufflepuff nature - fiercely loyal, protective, and unafraid to engage in the less-than-glorious work that needed doing. He ferried information, procured supplies, conducted surveillance and the like, all the while trying to keep tabs on his friends from school.

With the end of the War, he went back to his rather ordinary life running his shop.

Magical Status Form

Magical Status: ANIMAGUS

Animagus Form & Distinguising Marks: Scottish Deerhound

Animagus Form Elaboration: He's a match for the hound in temperament, being at heart rather gentle, friendly, and loyal. Wes enjoys a good run, too.



The Black Dog Cafe is a cozy, hole-in-the-wall coffee shop. In addition to serving excellent espresso, there is also a small lending library of used books for customers.



Cedar, 11", Unicorn Hair

Educational History

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hufflepuff, 1981 - 1988

Face Claim

Richard Armitage

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